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A couple weeks ago I teamed up with my dear friends, and incredible moms, Brianna Johnson, Brittany Maddux, and Roxana Baker to do a podcast about loving your post-baby body.  Something that hits really close to home for me, because I feel like such a stranger in my body after I have a baby.  

post pregnancy outfits

ways to dress after pregnancy

Alycia is such a babe is in this dress!  I've gotten to do a few collaborative posts with her this year and have had so much fun!  See more HERE.

Roxana has a petit frame, just like me.  She has incredible style and I'm always looking to her for fashion ideas.

Brittany looks incredible in anything she wears.  For reals!  She is such a good example to me of living a more healthy life style.

Doesn't Brianna look amazing in this dress?!  I just love the bow accent at her waist.  And I especially love who she is as a person.  Her positive outlook on life is so contagious and simply the best!

Today, I am super excited to be teaming up with these same women again, plus our good friend Alycia Crowly, to do an amazing giveaway with Shabby Apple. For all the details, head over to my Instagram account

But aside from that, I am also excited to talk a bit about the ways I've learned to dress after pregnancy.  Something that I think every mom has thought about after having at least one baby.  Especially those who know it's going to be a while before their body gets back to normal.

I am soooo one of those women!  Which means when it comes to selecting post pregnancy outfits, I'm all about wearing anything flow-y.  But, I definitely have a few more tips and preferences with post pregnancy outfits, so I thought I would spill the beans and share my favorite post baby fashion tips with all of you.  

7 Tips for Post Baby Clothes that will Make you feel Like a Million Bucks

1) Buy pants that have a little stretch to them. 
These days, you can even find jeans that have spandex in them.  Making them an absolute godsend for any gal who's just had a baby.

2) Wear more loosely fitting tops.
Some of my favorites to wear are tunics.  They look amazing on and are forgiving to the post-baby stomach pooch leftover from your pregnancy.

3) Stripes, stripes, stripes!
Opt for clothing items that have vertical stripes.  They will lengthen and slim you out the moment you wear them. 

4) Maxis are a must.
This fashion item is one of my absolute favorites because it's flow-y and make me look longer and leaner!  One of my favorite places to get maxis at, is Shabby Apple.  I just love the colors and patterns they come in and amazing they look on.

5) High waisted pants are legit.
These kind of pants do a great job at sucking things in and accentuating all the right curves.

6) Invest in a good nursing bra that will give your "girls" a good lift.
There are a lot of nursing bras out there.  But Belabumbum is one of the best!

7) Splurge on something that makes you feel like a million bucks.
After having your baby you will hate wearing the majority of the clothes you own.  Mostly because they wont fit quite yet.  So, when you feel good enough to venture out to a clothing store, don't feel bad about spending a little money on something that makes you feel incredible.  I mean, you just pushed something about the size of watermelon out of an opening that is about the size of a pea.  So you definitely deserve to "TREAT YO' SELF!"

Do you have any post pregnancy tips?  If so, I'd love to hear them in the comments below!  

P.S. Photos by Roxana B. Photography  and if you're wanting to buy any post pregnancy clothing, here are some of my favorites...

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