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family gallery wall ideas

Family photos are something everyone does.  But figuring out what to do with them once they are printed off, can be quite tricky.  Especially if you're someone like me who loves sticking their pictures in one of those photo albums that come with the plastic photo sleeves and calling it a day.  Mostly because it requires hardly any effort or your precious time.  Ha ha!  But, going this route definitely lacks the "Wow Factor".  Which is why this year, I decided I would display our family pictures on a wall gallery in the main living area of our house.

family gallery wall

family gallery wall ideas

After purchasing everything I needed at Cost Plus World Market, I tried out a few gallery wall layouts on my floor and came up with a layout that worked perfect for my selected space, I quickly got to work hanging everything up.  And as I did so, learned some amazing tips that I simply couldn't resist sharing with you!

How to Make a Beautiful Family Photo Gallery Wall

1) Decide what photos you want to display
The great thing about a wall gallery is that there aren't any set rules on what you have to display.  Which means you can decide if you want to feature family pictures that were taken at various dates and locations or if you want to display ones that were all taken at the same time (i.e a family photo shoot).  This time, I wanted to keep things more uniform and decided to display some family pictures that were recently taken in a retro laundry mat just down the street from our house.

2) Mix it up
Even though I chose to display pictures from on shoot, I kept my gallery wall intriguing by mixing it up with group shots and singles of my family and placing those images in frames that were different shapes, textures, colors, and sizes.

3) Incorporate non-photography items
Add some depth and creativity to your family wall gallery by adding in a small shelving unit that you can put smaller picture frames (or any other decor item) on.  Or, you could even include some sort of typography wall decor that goes well with the layout of your gallery wall.  I opted for a darling "Home Sweet Home" (the one I got it currently out of stock.  But I loved this one too!) wall hanging and think it ties everything else together beautifully!

4) Select a color scheme and layout
To really make your family pictures be the focal point of your wall gallery, select a few colors to be your foundation and build off of it from there.  For my gallery wall, I chose to stick with the colors white, gold, and brown.  And then, to keep it intriguing add a fun pop of color.  I opted for green.

5) Keep it current
A great way to keep your family photo gallery wall fresh is by updating some or all of the pictures.  By doing this, you will make your gallery wall a continual eye catching piece in your home and be able to freshen up this space without having to change many things.

And that's it!

Here's to creating incredible family photo walls that beautifully display what makes our house, a home.

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P.S. If you are visual person like me, I watched the following video on how to hang frames in a gallery wall to help get my creative juices flowing for my own gallery wall.

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