lds baby blessing

Staying true to form, I'm about two months late on sharing Benson's baby blessing.  Just like I did with sharing his birth story.  I should just learn to accept an extended deadline on almost everything I do these days.  Ha ha!

Either way though, I'm writing about it, and that has to count for something, right?

baby blessing ceremony

Four kids in and Dave still looks exactly as he did the day we got married!  When we tell people how many kids we have the expression on their face is priceless.  They always say that Dave looks too young to have that many kids, and I totally agree!  He's a lucky man!

Sticking with tradition, we blessed Benson in Grandma Tiersa's baby blessing blanket.

My cute friend Julie from Mon Petit Shoes sent Benson these darling little shoes to wear on his special day and of course, I couldn't stop swooning over them!

As many of you know, I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  AKA Mormon.  And in my church we believe in doing a baby blessing ceremony to bless the baby with its name and any other special blessings (i.e. live a healthy life, be able to have a family of their own one day, etc.).  All of my littles have had an LDS baby blessing and it has been such a sweet experience each time; because it is one particular and very specific moment in time when I clearly feel Heavenly Father's love for me and my children.

With Benson being born just before we moved, it took a little while for us to plan his baby blessing ceremony because we were so overwhelmed with getting settled into our new home.  But, by the end of July we had nearly everything unpacked and decided that August would be the perfect month to invite all of our family over to celebrate Benson's baby blessing.  So, on August 7th we invited all our loved ones over to our Church to watch Benson be blessed and then head over to our place for good food and a tour of our new place.

Despite the intense heat, we had so much fun mingling with everyone and showing off our tiny little home we scrimped and saved for. 

Life is full of amazing things.  But the one most important above all, is family.  Everything else pales in comparison to the love and joy family can bring into your life.  So make sure to hold your family tribe tight and never let go!

P.S. My dear friend Roxana of Roxana B. Photography took the pics of my little tribe right after Benson was blessed.  AND...if you want to learn more about what an LDS baby blessing is, you can go HERE.

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