throw back to when I did this fun series called "Halloween Costumes for the Modern Mom"

It's finally, FINALLY, time for me to pull out my Halloween decor boxes and start decorating the heck out of my house for my favorite holiday of the year!  My boxes of Halloween decorations definitely rival my Christmas decor.  And that's saying something.  And even though Dave thinks I have more than enough when it comes to Halloween decorations, I could put up a great rebuttal.   Being a woman of compromise, I promised Dave I wouldn't buy anything.  But, I didn't say anything about not trying my hand at a few DIY Halloween decorations I've been wanting to make from my overflowing Halloween Pinterest Board.  

So, if you too are looking for a few DIY Halloween Decorations to try, here is a round-up of my top 10 favorites that were made by moms just as obsessed with this holiday as I am!

Halloween Decorations Round-up

DIY Halloween decorations

Spider Eggs 
These days Isaac, Emi and Zachary are obsessed with insects.  Last year, I covered our front porch in spider webs.  But this DIY takes it one step further in the Halloween decoration department and I think it will make the perfect addition to the spider webs that I am already planning on putting up this year.

Easy Halloween decorations

Vampire Door Mat
(DIY details-Creative Live)
I currently don't have a Halloween door mat.  So when I found this particular Halloween decoration, I instantly became obsessed.  Especially because I knew I could get this one done really quick!

best Halloween decorations

Floating Witch's Hat
(DIY details-Polkadot Chair)
This is such a fun idea!  I also love that you can turn them into luminaries.  Making a great indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration.

Bat Bouquet
(DIY details-Instructables)
Okay, how cute is this Halloween decoration idea?!  All you need is a vase, twigs, and black paper.  Plus I love how modern it looks.  Can't wait to make this and put it on my dining table!

Hanging Gourd Skulls
(DIY details-Women's Day)
Anyone else as obsessed with this spin on the classic Jack-o-lantern as I am?

Faux Ghoul Chain
(DIY details-Ribbons and Glue)
Another DIY Halloween decoration that would take under an hour to make.  Plus it's super multi-functional.  Which makes it a win in my book!

Googly Eye Wreath
(DIY details-Number 2 Pencil)
I've got my eye on you!  Ha ha!  Sorry, I couldn't resist!  

Glitter Silhouettes 
(DIY details-The TomKat Studio
I love this DIY Halloween decoration idea because it would look great by itself or amazing in a gallery wall. 

Life Size Silhouettes
(DIY details-Makezine)
I've seen this DIY floating around for a few years now, and it is such a show stopper.  Though I don't have a house like this one, I still think I could make this DIY Halloween decoration idea work.  But first I got to figure out which ones I want to do.  They are all so good!

No Rest for the Wicked Pillow Cases
(DIY details-Country Living)
This is such a great and easy way to bring the Halloween spirit into your bedroom.  Will definitely be doing this in every bedroom in my house.

Halloween Diorama
(DIY details-Country Living)
Anyone else grew up doing dioramas in school?  I sure did.  And I loved it!  So naturally, I squealed out loud when I saw this idea.  Can't wait to try this one with Isaac in particular.  He is such a creative little boy and I know he would go all out with his own Halloween diorama.

And there you have it! This seriously is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the DIY Halloween Decoration project I have saved on my Halloween Pinterest board.  So make sure to check that out!  Also, feel free to stop by some of my past Halloween DIY posts below...

*WARNING- Some of these are from WAY back when I first started blogging.  They make me laugh because I clearly still had a lot to learn.  But they also make me smile; it reminds me that I wasn't afraid to jump right in and work with what I had.  

Do you have a favorite DIY Halloween decoration?  If so, I'd love for you to share what it is in the comments below!

Happy Monday!

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