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I love autumn!  The crispness in the air, changing leaves, pumpkin patches, hay rides, and everything in between.  The kids and I have a mile long fall themed bucket list and have quickly begun to mark some of the items off.  My littles and I live for this season!  And I anxiously dread it coming to an end because winter just isn't my thing.  Of course, I love Christmas and all the other holidays that fall within this season.  But that's about it.  I just wasn't cut out for the cold, shortened daylight hours, icy roads, and increased heating bill.  Ha ha!   And even though there is still a lot to be happy for during this season of life, I sometimes find myself getting the winter blues.  Mostly because I feel like I'm inside way more than usual.  And that causes me to feel super cooped up, stir crazy, and sometimes even a little depressed.  So to help me maintain a more sunny disposition during this time of year, I love to incorporate some easy home decorating ideas that freshen up my living space and help keep the winter blues at bay.  If you're the same way as me, and wanting to learn how to freshen up a room, or even multiple rooms in your home, here are my most favorite and cost effective ways to decorate your house.

freshen up your living space
Woven wall hanging from Sojourner Handmade

brighten up your home

Emi, Zachary and Isaac thought it would be so funny to put their stuffed animals on Benson's head.  We are all so lucky Benson is such a patient and happy little baby!

Wallpaper from A New Wall 

Oxen pillow from Latter-Day Home

brighten up your home

This is such a typical expression Emi makes.  Every time I see this little look on her face, I know she is scheming up something.  Ha ha!

Mid-Century Modern painting from Latter-Day Home

I am so in love with this picture of Zachary!  His cheesy grin just melts my heart!

Blanket from Harmony

Marble Tower USA hexagon table from HERE

6 Easy Ways to Freshen up your Living Space with a Few Essentials

1) Throw Pillows
I am obsessed with throw pillows!  So much so that Dave is worried about me one day becoming a crazy old lady who hoards any throw pillow she can get her hands on.  Ha ha!  But seriously!  This is a great living-room decorating idea is such an easy and cost effective way to completely change the look of your home.  Especially if you are doing a living room makeover with the goal of transforming this space into a place that makes you feel like you have been transported somewhere new!  There are a lot of different companies out there that sell incredible throw pillows.  But on of my favorites is Latter-Day Home.

2) Art Work
Putting up art work is a great way to freshen up your home.  Especially because there is something out there for every mom and her own personal taste.  You can keep it cheap by ordering downloadable versions of quotes in beautiful calligraphy.  Or, you could spend more and invest in beautiful print from Latter-Day Home or a custom modern painting from Mckenna Woolley that can also be passed on to other loved ones.

3) Wall Weavings
Weavings are HUGE right now.  If you are on social media, or have been shopping online or even particular stores, chances are you've seen a wall weaving.  The great thing about these wall hangings is that they are one of the more unique home decorating ideas out there and can really change up the feel of your home and give it a fabulous primitive and modern feel that is currently on trend.  And, if you are looking to have a custom wall weaving made, Sojourner Handmade is perfect company to work with!

4) Accent Furniture
Furniture is a great way to freshen up your home.  Especially if you can find a piece of furniture that has one more than one purpose!  One amazing piece that does just this is a little Marble Tower USA hexagon end table from HERE that can keep any littles in your home preoccupied for way more than 5 minutes!

5) Wall Paper
Painting a wall is always one of those great home decorating ideas that can really freshen up your space.  But why not mix things up a bit and try out some wallpaper.  That stuff is definitely making a come back and the wallpaper you can get today is way beyond what you remember your grandma plastering all over her house, whether you are wanting to wallpaper an entire room, or even just an accent wall like I did.  A New Wall is a great place to get some wallpaper that will not only freshen up your home, but also get people talking when they come over to visit!

6) Home Accessories
Whether it be a new candle, throw, or figurine, these small items can leave a huge impact when you want to freshen up your home.  And if you are looking for more one-of-a-kind items, make sure to check out Harmony.

However you choose to brighten up your home, I hope you have so much fun learning how to freshen up your room (or entire home) and trying out home decorating ideas that will make your home a place you love to be! 

P.S. My kids are wearing Rags to Raches and these pictures were taken by the amazing Roxana B. Photography.

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