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Life these days moves a mile per minute.  There is always something going on and there are many days when I feel like there is hardly any time to breathe!  And now that school has begun, there is hardly any time for me to spend quality moments with my kids.  Anyone else feels that way?

one on one time with your child

We are just a week and a half into school and I totally feel that way!  Which is so hard for me, because I think it's super important for me to spend quality time with my children as much as I possibly can.  But with the current phase of life that my family is in, I know it's not a realistic possibility to spend as much one-on-one time with my littles like I did during the summer.  So I've been coming up with other creative ways to squeeze in some one-on-one time with my littles.  Like taking just Emi with me to run some errands, asking Isaac to help me plan out our meals for the week and even cook a few of them together, or taking Zachary and/or Benson on a quick walk while the older two littles work on homework.  These moments together with my littles definitely aren't like the Mom and Me dates that I do with them.  But, a few years ago, I learned that it isn't what you do to spend quality time with your littles that matters; but rather how you spend your quality time with them.   

At the end of the day, a trip to the zoo will never have as great of an impact on a child's life than 15 minutes of undivided quality time with parents (or caregivers) will.  So, in those phases of life when you feel like you just don't have time to do anything -  especially anything that a "cool mom" would do - remind yourself that helping mom sort laundry while laughing about the fun and silly things that happened at school will have a more significantly positive impact on your child's life than any trip the aquarium ever will.  Hands down.

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