how to prepare your child for preschool

I have another school related post for you guys today and I am super excited about this one, because it's all about preparing for preschool and Kindergarten.  A phase of life that my inner Elementary teacher absolutely loves because this particular phase of life is when your littles will begin to experience some form of school for the very first time and that is so exciting because you, as the parent, get to lead the way.  So, I thought it would be fun to share a few ways you mamas and your littles could prepare for preschool and Kindergarten with ease and great success!

how to prepare your child for kindergarten

how to prepare your child for preschool

how to prepare your child for preschool

how to prepare your child for preschool

how to prepare your child for preschool

How to Prepare your Child for Preschool

(and Kindergarten too!)

1) Online Programs
There are a lot of these out there, but one of my favorites is the Waterford Upstart Program.  It's free at-home service offered to families here in Utah that teaches children the Utah educational curriculum through a series of fun online literacy, science, and math games.  Giving children the skills they will need during the school year.  Emi is currently using it and absolutely loves the 15 minutes a day she gets to spend on this program.  Pre-registration is open now.  So make sure to sign up because spot go fast!

(note: If you don't live in Utah, simply google online preschool programs and you'll be able to find many other resources that are out there.)

2) Establish a Schedule
Following a schedule is a great way to help your child get used to the structure of a preschool and the daily transitions they will have to follow there.

3) Stick with a Wake Up and Bed Time Routine
Having a set routine will help keep things less chaotic in your home.  And when this happens, children are able to anticipate what's coming next, and even develop skills that will help them accomplish a lot of the tasks that come with your routines on their very own; which is just what they will need to do in a classroom setting.

4) Be Aware of Teachable Moments and Take Advantage of Them
Kids ask a lot of questions.  So when yours do, make sure to take the time to answer anything that you can; include examples or time for your child to practice what they just sought answer to.  Another teachable moment is when your child is struggling: when this happens, stop whatever else you are doing if you can, and help your child solve the problem they are facing.  By doing both of these things, you will help your child better prepare for their first experience at school.

5) Make Time to Read
Reading is such a crucial part of your child's education.  So make sure to read to your child EVERY day.  By doing this, you are helping to immerse your child into the English language and becoming very familiar with things like letters, punctuation, expression, and phonetics.

6) Work on Fine Motor Skills
Your children will be doing a lot with their hands when they start preschool.  So, before the first day of school, give your child many opportunities to cut with scissors, write with a pencil, paint with a paint brush, etc.  so they feel very prepared and confident in these abilities when they are in school.

7) Plan a "Walk Through" before School Starts
A great way to help your child become less nervous about going to school is to arrange a time that you and your child can meet with the teacher and walk through the classroom before the first day of school so that your child can become more familiar with the room layout.  Helping them not to worry so much about what school is and feel very confident in their ability to move around the room on the first day.

School is such an exciting time in a child's life.  But don't forget that their first and most important education comes within the home.  Hope you have a wonderful time preparing for preschool and Kindergarten and that this school year is absolutely amazing for you and your littles! 

This is a sponsored post by Waterford Upstart.  Thanks to all the brands out there that help keep Mumsy running.


  1. She's so cute! Not a mom yet but love the idea of these programs!

  2. Thanks so much Kristin! She's definitely a spit fire. Haha!