healthy snack ideas for busy moms

As a stay-at-home mom, my office is my home.  Which means I am surrounded by all the snacks and goodies I stock my cupboards with for my family.  And though I'd like to say all of them are healthy, they totally aren't.  Making it really hard for me to stay away from the sugary snacks when I need something quick to eat.  Because, let's face it...eating three sit down meals usually only happens once in a blue moon for all us mamas out there.

alternative snack ideas

top 5 snack ideas

healthy snack ideas for stay-at-home moms

healthy snack ideas for busy moms

healthy snack ideas for stay-at-home moms

Though I literally wish I could have my cake and eat it too.  I'm casually trying to loose the baby weight I gained from my pregnancy with Benson.  So it's probably not the smartest idea to snack on things like handfuls of goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, cookies, blueberry muffins and pudding cups.  That honestly will only keep me satisfied for a total of 5 minutes before I'm scavenging through the kitchen for something else to absent-mindedly eat.  #momproblems!

Doing my best to provide myself with alternative healthy snacks so I can avoid any future "snaccidents",  I went to Walmart to buy a box of Fiber One streusel bars?  Have you seen them?!  These things are simply the best!

Not only do these things taste as good as bakery bought blueberry muffins, but they are also loaded with real fruit, whole grains, and lots of fiber.  Making this a great option for any stay-at-home or busy mom looking for some more alternative healthy snack ideas.  And, in those rare moments when I actually have a few seconds to sit down and eat my alternative healthy snacks, I love to pair this bar with a glass of almond milk and any type of fruits or veggies that I currently have in the fridge; turning this snack into an almost full fledged meal!  
So, if you too are looking for more "stay-at-home mom friendly" snacks.  You can't go wrong with anything from Fiber One!  But as an added are my personal top 5 healthy snacks that I go to on a daily basis. 

Alternative Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Moms

That pair so well with your Fiber One bars! 

1) Homemade trail mix.
There are lots of recipes out there.  Some take time and some take seconds.  I opt for the one that takes seconds.  And my current favorite is mixing any type of healthy cereal (cheerios, shredded wheat, chex, etc.) that I have on hand and mixing that in a bowl with things like nuts, dried fruit and even broken up Fiber One granola bars.  Then dividing the mixture into snack bags and storing it for a quick snack on the go.

2) Fruit/Veggie sticks and peanut butter dip.
This one is super easy.  Simply pre-cut any fruit or veggie that pairs well with peanut butter.  Store in the fridge and pull out when ready to eat with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter.

3) Fruit and/or veggie drinks.
My current favorite is a Naked drink (it's made with a mix of whole fruits and veggies) that can be bought at most grocery stores and even some gas stations.

4) Yogurt smoothies.
If fruit and veggie drinks aren't your thing.  Then these are a great option.  Plus, they are more cost effective because you can buy them in a pack of 6 from your local grocery store.

5) Cheese sticks.
You can make your own from a block of cheese or you can buy some from your local grocery and/or health food store.  And don't worry, you don't have to buy the same string cheese your kids eat (unless you like that stuff).  Nowadays, you can buy a lot find a lot of "grown up" cheese stick options.

Here's to finding your own top 5 healthy snacks and having endless happy snacking hours in our buys mom lives!

This is a sponsored post by Walmart.  A company I have loved shopping at before I even became a mom :).

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