choosing the best diaper brand for baby

When it comes to choosing diapers for your baby, it can be much harder than you think!  First, you have all your countless disposable diaper brands out there and then you have the world of cloth diapers to consider.  At times, it can be a lot to take in.  Especially if you are a first time mom.  And though you may not even ask for will definitely have a lot of people telling you what realm of the diapering world they think you should dive head first into.  Just don't forget that there are always pros and cons to everything in life.  

best disposable diapers for baby

best disposable diapers for baby

choosing best diapers for baby

best cloth diaper system

choosing best diapers for baby

choosing best diaper for baby

choosing the best diaper for baby

So, when I first became pregnant with Isaac, I talked to a bunch of moms who used disposable diapers and I also talked to a bunch of moms who had joined the cloth diaper movement. Making sure to write down everything they liked and didn't like and then use that as a format for my very own pros and cons list.

After writing everything down and then mulling it over in my brain, I settled on disposable diapers.  It's just what worked best for me and the life I was living.  And over the years, I have gone through countless brands of diapers.  But one of the very best disposable diapers brands is Bambo.  Because even though they are a disposable diaper brand, they make diapers that are super eco-friendly.  Which is something I am always striving to be aware of!  And to go along with that, Bambo diapers are also skin friendly and sleep friendly too.  Which is so amazing!  I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is to find a diaper that is gentle on Benson's eczema prone skin while also being absorbent enough to keep him from having any leaks during the middle of the night.  This product really is the best disposable diaper and I simply love it, because it eliminates all the cons on my disposable diaper pros/cons list!

But, for all of you who are still a little interested in knowing what all the pros and cons are for disposable  diapers vs. cloth diapers.  Here is my own personal list that I wrote up years ago when I first had Isaac and began my quest for figuring out what the best disposable diaper and best cloth diaper system were.  And then determining which system I wanted to incorporate into my mom life.

Choosing the Best Diapers for Your Baby

Cloth Diapers VS. Disposable Diapers


Very eco-friendly.
Don't take up a lot of space.
Come in cute patterns/designs.
Gentle on baby's skin.
Come in different types of fabric.
Could cause less diaper rashes because you have to change more frequently.
May make potty training easier because kids will notice when they're wet sooner.

Extra layers for baby to wear.
Big Investment in the beginning.
Can be hard to clean.
Have to carry the messy diaper around with you if you're out in public.
Less absorbent than disposable diapers=have to change more diapers.
Harder to change.
Have to do more laundry=higher water and electricity bills and more money spent on laundry detergent.


Easy to change.
Hold in more mess.
Ultra absorbent=Less diaper changes at night.
Don't have to add to the already huge pile of laundry I'll have.
Throw away when done with them.
Easy to pick a size that will best fit my baby. 
Lots of diaper brand options.

Most brands are horrible for the environment.
Can be rough on babies skin.
Big investment over time.
Minimal style.
Ultra absorbent=harder to potty train because kids won't be able to tell as easy when they are wet.

Good luck!  

This is a sponsored post by Bambo.  Thanks to all the brands out there that help keep Mumsy going!

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