bicycle safety for children

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I have a fun guest post for you today by Ryan over at Christensen & Hymas.  He will be sharing everything there is to know about bike safety.  Which I desperately need because Isaac and Emi are insisting on riding their bikes to school this year!  Hope you enjoy!

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Summer is over and the new school year has officially started.   Which means a lot of kids are excitedly riding their bikes (or even their scooters) to school each day.  So it's very important to help your children remember the importance of bike safety.  As an accident lawyer and biker myself, I have seen many accidents.  No one ever expects it to happen.  So when you're kids are riding their bikes to school or even afterwards when they get get home, help them to remember the 3 Be's of bicycle safety to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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3 Be's of Bicycle Safety

Be Visible

*Wear colorful and bright clothing.  Avoid wearing darker cloths that could help you blend in with the road.

*Use reflectors and lights on your bicycle.  Lights will increase your chances of being seen and will be a fun addition for your child's bike.

*Avoid riding in cars' blind spots.  If you or your children are riding in a car's blindspot, chances are it doesn't see you.  Teach your children to never assume that a car know they're there.  You can avoid cycling in a blind spot simply by staying behind the car.

Be Prepared (good rules for any after school biking activities).

*Stay hydrated.  Carry water for your kids.  That way you know they are drinking it.

*Bring snacks.  Make sure your kids have things they like to eat.  Like, granola bars, trail mix, and fruit snacks.

*Bring a small repair kit.  Just in case something goes wrong.  Nothing is as much of a buzz kill as a chain popping off or other easy fixes that you are unprepared for.

Be Safe

*Teach your kids to obey traffic laws.  Such as: 
      -Safely stopping at intersections.
      -Watching for cars while crossing the street.
      -Safely using crosswalks.

*Have your kids ride in front of you.  Cars can see you better and you can keep an eye on your children.

*Choose safest trails.  There are many trails here in Utah that are set apart for bikers and walkers.

*Wear a helmet and other appropriate biking gear.  Always set a good example by wearing your proper headgear.  Let your children choose their own helmet and teach them the importance of always wearing proper safety equipment.  For your younger riders we recommend having them wear knee and elbow pads for an extra level of protection from scrapes, bumps and bruises.    

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These tips were just what I needed!  Hope your littles have a fun and safe time riding their bikes (or scooters) to school this year!

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