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If you have been coming to my site for a while, you may have noticed a huge overhaul on my website.  I have been blogging for quite some time and since then, I have changed the layout of my website 3 times.  But this time, my design is here to stay!  Why the might ask?  Well, I finally decided that if I wanted to take this blogging gig seriously, it was time to invest in myself.  So I teamed up with my dear friend and incredibly talented web designer Stephanie Hammer to give this website of mine a face lift.  I am absolutely in L.O.V.E. with it!  If you are in the neighborhood for a new web design, I highly recommend Steph.  Not only is she super creative, but she is also a dream to work with.  Two factors that I think are super important when it comes to designing your website!  Aside from my new web design, I also have a few other things in the works, and can't wait to get the ball rolling on those.  One of which is the revival of my Youtube page.  So stay tuned!  And, can I also just say... thanks for following along to begin with!  I just love being a mom, and getting to share this passion with you means the world.  So thanks! 

post-pregnancy fashion tips

post-pregnancy fashion tips

post-pregnancy fashion tips

post-pregnancy fashion tips

Now on to the dresses!

Since having Benson, I've had quite a few people ask me where I find cute post pregnancy clothes.  And I am always so flattered to be asked this question because I still feel like such a rookie when it comes to fashion.  But one thing I do understand is that whatever you wear should always make you look and feel like a million bucks.  And if it doesn't, don't wear it.  

Dresses are one item that I think can always do both of those things for a gal that's just had a baby.  Especially if you stick to ones that are more flowy, have a high waist line or are more of a fit and flare.  These two dress styles always highlight your body in just the right way and do a great job at making you feel like your old self again.  Which I think is a really important thing to feel after you've just had a baby; because there is a lot of your body that you wont recognize for a while.   And though that is totally O.K. and definitely normal,  it's nice to know that the person you were before you had your baby, is still down in there.

Plus, if you're chasing your littles around all day every day like me, you probably work up quite a sweat.  And for some reason, I always feel like I stay cooler and more nimble in dress.  So, my closet is pretty stocked up with dresses right now.  And I've been wearing them so much that even Isaac and Emi have asked why I'm always wearing dresses.  Ha!  Guess I could say that I'm pretty much addicted!   

If you too are in the market for some amazing post-pregnancy dresses to wear, here are a few of my favorites.

5 Amazing Post-Pregnancy Dresses

4) Asos

No matter what, never forget that your body is simply amazing.  It just created, carried, and delivered life and should be loved, praised and adored for doing such an incredible thing!

P.S. My dress is from Harper and Bay.  You can get it HERE.  And, these pictures were taken by Roxana B. Photography.  XX

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