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I am eons behind on sharing Benson’s birth story.  And I promise I’m going to be sharing it soon.  But since I am doing a news feature today on Fox 13 The Place (will attach the video to this post later today) about what to pack in your labor and delivery hospital bag, this post made the agenda first.

So let’s get started!  Oh, and before we do…just want to say, “Hey!” to all you new readers who are stopping by today!

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When it comes to having a baby, deciding when to pack your hospital bag and knowing what to pack in it for your baby and yourself is a very important thing to do!  Out of my four labor and deliveries that I’ve done, I was able to pack my own hospital bag before I had Emi and Zachary.  Isaac and Benson each came about 2 weeks early and for both of those deliveries, Dave had to pack my hospital bag for me.  And even though I had a hospital bag packing list ready to go for each pregnancy, somehow an Xbox 360 and a few Western movies end up in there each time!  Ha ha! 

learn what to pack in your hospital bag for baby

learn when to pack your hospital bag
So, when it comes to getting your own hospital bag ready for you and your soon to be baby I thought I'd share with you my own hospital bag checklist that will help you get ready for labor and delivery and also enjoy your stay at the hospital.

Hospital Bag Checklist

For Baby:

1) Good sized hospital bag with a lot of compartments.

·   One of my favorite bags to use is my Little Unicorn Diaper bag because it’s big like a luggage bag but also has a lot of pockets which makes it extra easy to pack baby items in.

2) Swaddle blankets.

3) Onesies

4) A couple pairs of baby socks.

5) Baby caps.

6) Go home outfit.

7) Binky

what should you include in your hospital bag for mom?

Hospital bag checklist
For Mom:

1) Go home outfit for you

2) Camera and camera charger

3) Phone and phone charger

4) Make-up

5) Socks and/or slippers

6) Comb and/or brush

7) Hair spray

8) Robe

For my delivery with Benson, I ordered a gorgeous one on Etsy to wear over my hospital gown and it helped me feel really pretty and put together.  Two things that can both be a little fleeting after just having a baby.

9) Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Floss

10) Deodorant and/or perfume

11) Lip Balm

12) Elastics and bobby pins

13) Book and/or magazine(s)

14) Some of your favorite snacks

15) Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap

16) Hair Tools (i.e. blow dryer, straightener, etc.)

17) Make-up remover

18) Face wash and face cream

19) Nursing cover

20) Breast pump

Hospitals also have breast pumps that you can use during your stay at the hospital and also checkout to take home with you when it's time to leave.

21) Lansinoh (Or some other kind of nursing cream.  Hospitals will also have this in sample size for you, but will charge it to your hospital bill.  So if you don't want to pay that extra fee, bring your own with you.)

Hospital bag checklist

Note: Make sure to pack your hospital bag at least 2 weeks before your due date.  Otherwise, your significant other may have to quickly pack up your hospital bag for you and you may find a few random Western movies stowed away in there.  Ha ha!




Diaper Bag, Pacifier, Blanket, and Onesie: The Baby Cubby


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