Celebrating Independence day with my family

Getting ready for the fourth of july parade
Phew!  Anyone else wake up today and still feel like they were in a holiday haze?  Because I sure did!  The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays in July (national Kissing Day is my second!).  So, my little family partied hard this and my house definitely shows it! Haha!

But, despite the sink full of dirty dishes, piles of watermelon stained laundry that need to be treated, and garbage cans full to the brim with firework remnants, we had the best time this year and really went all out!  Utah, especially our home town of Provo, sure does know how to celebrate America's birthday; and I had so much fun capturing all of the fun memories we were making!

Children s parade: a 4th of july tradition

Fourth of July Celebrations

Celebrating holidays in July

And since we had 4 days to celebrate this year (don't you just love when a big holiday falls on a Monday?!) we definitely crammed in as many Independence Day traditions that we possibly could.  Including a trip to my family's cabin, Independence Day children's parade (the pictures you see in this post), a backyard fried chicken picnic, and the best neighborhood 4th of July fireworks show you've ever seen.

Just re-reading all that we did makes my bones happily exhausted!

Holidays in July in Provo

Fourth of July Celebrations

Fourth of July Celebrations

It's hard to believe that there is only a month and a half left of summer before school begins again.  So until that time, you can find my family making the most of it. 

Fourth of July Celebrations

Fourth of July Celebrations

Our family taking part in the fourth of july celebrations!

P.S. On Thursday I'll be writing about our trip to the cabin and also doing a fun giveaway with Jo all time favorite camera bag make sure to stop by then!

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