family reunions in utah

This past weekend we went to our cabin for a family reunion with some of our extended family. And though it rained for a good portion of the trip, we made the most of it and had such a fun time!  When the sun did decide to shine, we spent our time doing so many awesome things!

A classic favorite was the endless ATV rides. We rode those all over the place! And whenever we got off of one, Zachary was asking when we could get back on again. Haha!  
Another was canoeing on Jackson Lake. The kids were a little hesitant to get in the water at first.  But once they were in, they absolutely loved it!  Then there's always the gooey S'mores, helping Grandpa do ranch work, sunset watching, and star gazing that we always make sure to do.

our Crystal Ranch family reunion

best john deere equipment

family reunion traditions captured

Isaac is currently going through a phase of making only this face when I want to take a pic of him.  Haha!

children life jacket essential for a canoe ride
After a pep talk and possibly some bribing, we were able to get the kiddos in some life jackets and in the canoe.

summer activities: canoe ride during our family reunion

kid friendly summer activities: family canoe ride

baby bear suit for chilly mornings
I've had this bear suit since Isaac was a baby.  And it still melts my heart every time I put my newest baby in it!

gorgeous Utah mountain sunsets
But walking through the endless fields of wild daisies that always bloom this time of year at the cabin and making flower crowns were my favorite things to do.  This place really is little piece of heaven for me and my family, and I can't wait to go back!  I just loved capturing all of the fun memories we were making.  It's something I really love doing!  

Utah countryside

utah national forests

making flower crowns

For years I was constantly on the hunt for the perfect camera bag.  Looking for something that was durable, stylish and able to keep up with my crazy life and busy little kids.  Eventually, I learned about Johansen (aka JoTotes) Camera Bags, and was hooked!

camera bag at our family reunion

Jo Totes Camera bag

My Bellbrook Backpack goes with me everywhere.  Even doubling up as a diaper bag sometimes (using items that have multiple uses is key when you are a mom!).  And since I love this camera bag so so much, I'm teaming up with Johansen Camera Bags to give one you lucky friends your very own Bellbrook Backpack!  I'm running the giveaway over on my Instagram.  So make sure to go over and enter!



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