how do you get a swimsuit body? Love yourself!

This summer has been so busy for me and my family.  Every day has been filled with summer activities that keep us busy, busy, busy.  And, swimming is definitely one of them.  Whether we are at our local recreation center, favorite water park, or playing in the sprinklers in our backyard, you can find my kids in their swimsuits at least once a week.

And, as much as I'd like to join in on the fun, I've found myself to be very hesitant with when I do and don't wear my own swimsuit because my main focus definitely hasn't been on how to get a perfect swimsuit body.  And has instead been on my brand new baby AND getting ready to move into a new house.  Which means the only thing my body is really ready to be seen in right now is clothing items that camouflage the 20 extra pounds I'd still love to loose.  Not to mention the killer farmer's tan I also have going on.  Haha!

various swimsuit body types make the world wonderful
 | Pictures by Roxana B. Photography |

swimsuit body types
Recently though, I've decided to follow my own past advice (read here and here) and flaunt my swimsuit body more than once every blue moon.  Because in the real world, no body is perfect.  We all have flaws and things we wish we could change about our bodies.  Especially after just having a baby.  And I'm constantly being reminded that I should always treat my body with the love and respect it deserves because it has done and been through some incredible things!

Michelle and her perfect swimsuit body

Recently, my dear friend Kim Christenson asked me and our other friends Tara Brooke, Erika Peterson, Emily Smith, and Roxana Baker to create a swimsuit photoshoot that redefined what "Swimsuit Ready" really means (visit their sites to read their thoughts on this and see more pics!).  Something I was completely scared to do at first because, like I mentioned HERE, I've recently found myself in a really insecure place with my swimsuit body; constantly wondering how to get a swim suit body back that was "worthy" enough for the upcoming pool season.  But, just like anything else in life that scares me, I pushed my way through it.  And I'm so glad that I did!  

By the end of the shoot, I saw my swimsuit body type in a completely different light. And realized that farmer's tan and all, it was beautiful just the way it currently was.  Because having the perfect swimsuit body doesn't mean how tanned, toned, or skinny your body may look.  Instead, having the perfect swimsuit ready body is all about how you feel inside.  Sure, there will always be improvements we think we need to make on our body image.  But I've learned that if I focus on being confident in who I am and loving my body through all of its highs and lows, I will forever be swimsuit ready this summer and you will too!


P.S. my swimsuit is from Kortni Jeane.  Silver minimalist necklace here.

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