Quinny baby stroller review

Being four kids into this mommy business, I constantly have people asking me what baby and/or mom products I absolutely love.  So, I decided to team up with my dear friend Alycia Crowley to put together an amazing feature series and giveaway where one lucky mama will win... 

Quinny Stroller of choice, Fawn Design Diaper bag of choice, Solly Baby Wrap of Choice, Freshly Picked Moccs of choice, Gigi Pip Eve Fedora, and some darling rainbow tights and bandana bib set from Lunaby Baby!

Killer giveaway, right?!  If you're dying to get some of these products into your own homes, you can check out all the details over on my Instagram.

Since the giveaway will be running for an entire week, I will be featuring one product from it each day and spilling my guts on why I simply can't live without it.

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Best Baby Stroller
First up is the Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller.

Since having Isaac, I have had quite a few strollers.  All of which were pretty mediocre because it didn't take long until something on them would break or they simply couldn't keep up with the day to day outings I would do with my kids.  After putting up with those kind of things for over six years, I decided it was time to really do my research and the Quinny Buzz Xtra was the result.

Best Baby Stroller

Guys!  This stroller is amazing and I seriously never knew I could be this in love with a product!  

Thanks to it's incredible design, the Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller can literally be taken anywhere!

Recently, my family and I went to a darling little lake community near our home and spent our time there walking down trails that ran along the shore, the lake dock, and other various paths that were scattered throughout the area.  No matter what the terrain was, I could easily push this stroller around without any problems.  Making it super easy for me to also chase after my kids when one of them would decide to go off and explore things on their own.  Little stinkers!

Best Baby Stroller

Read how a Quinny baby stroller compares with Michelle's old strollers.

If purchasing a stroller is in your near future, then take my advice and look into this one.  As Dave has recently been saying, "It's the Cadillac of strollers!"  Haha!


P.S. don't forget to stop by Alycia's website to see why she loves this stroller too.

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