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Since moving into our new house, any sort of routine we used to have has gone with the wind.  haha.  But seriously.  While I was pregnant with Benson and we were living in our previous rental, I had the time to wake up before my kiddos did and whip up a batch of Great Grandma Messervey's buttermilk batter that would then morph into either waffles or chocolate chip pancakes depending on what everyone was feeling like that morning.

But, over the last few weeks, everything has changed.  

With a kitchen that is still out of sorts, a house that has unpacked boxes in every room, little ones that need help adjusting to a new home, and a newborn baby that just does everything a new born baby should do...preparing a healthy breakfast for my kids has been the furthest thing from my mind.  But I am determined to get things, like breakfast, back on track and life back to some sort of normalcy.  Even if that means I have to put some of the unpacking on hold for a bit.  Plus, I'm so over the whole moving thing that I could use a little bit of break anyways!

Adding fruit to your cereals for an easy healthy breakfast

One thing that all of my kids love to eat, is cereal and milk.  Growing up, my mom stocked our cereal cupboard with a variety of cereals.  Including a few of our favorite sugar cereals as we called them.  But one cereal that was, and still is, in that cupboard was Cheerios.  As a kid, I hated eating this stuff plain.  So my mom always let me add a little bit of sugar to the mix to sweeten things up. Fast forward to my college days and I find myself stocking my own cereal cupboard with Cheerios.  Mostly because it was cheap.  Haha!  But also because I didn't crave the sugary cereals like I used to.  And, instead of sweetening this stuff up with a tsp or so of sugar, I came up with idea to add various fruits like banana slices, strawberries, and any other sort of berry to act as a sweetener.  

Anyone else do the same thing?!

Fast forward a few more years, and now I'm a mom with kids who constantly raid the cereal cupboard looking for a box of sugary cereal to chow down on.  But, like my own mom,  I want my kids to be as healthy as possible so I always tell my kids they have to eat a healthy cereal for breakfast and can then eat a sugar cereal as a snack.

Cheerios: healthy breakfast cereal and a favorite here at Mumsy

Currently, our favorite healthy breakfast cereal is Multi Grain Cheerios and Ancient Grains which I buy at my local Sam's Club.  Yes, this stuff sounds uber healthy, which it is, but it also tastes really good!  Plus, I just love the unique mix of grains in it like Kamut wheat sorghum. And surprisingly, so do my kids!  Which makes this an awesome and easy healthy breakfast option for my family.  So you can bet that this cereal will take up a permanent residence in our cereal cupboard!  

And, just like I love adding things to my own bowl of Cheerios, so do my kids!

Here are some of our current favorite add-ins...

adding seasonal ingredient for healthy breakfasts!

Healthy Cereal Ideas for Kids

1) Fresh Fruit.

Our current favorites to add are blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and blackberries!

2) Granola.

This has become a very new favorite of ours!  We just love the extra crunch and flavor this brings to our cereal.

3) Honey/Agave.  

Instead of adding a teaspoon (or sometimes more :) ) of sugar to our cereal, my kids have loved drizzling some honey or Agave over the top of their cereal.  Yum!

cereals and fresh fruits: easy healthy breakfast

Even though a bowl of cereal isn't the same batch of homemade waffles, it is definitely a yummy alternative.  Especially when we're eating our Ancient Grains Cheerios with our favorite add-ins!  So here's to eating healthy and keeping mama somewhat sane! haha!

add granola to your cereal to make combinations of healthy breakfasts

Best breakfasts are with your family and your favorite healthy ingredients

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This is a sponsored post by Ancient Grains Cheerios.  Thanks to all the brands out there who help keep this blog running!


  1. Young mama and smart mama! Our family tradition with our eight little bundles of joy was one box of "junky" cereal on their birthday. They got to choose. We bought enough bixes to feed everybody, and everybody shared.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually grew up with that same tradition! It was so much fun!