road trip essentials for kids
When summer rolls around, my kids know that road trip season is about to begin and eagerly anticipate all of the fun places we will go.

This year, we are going on three different road trips and our longest trek will be to Yellowstone, Wyoming.  And we will be going there twice!  Something we are all really excited about but also something that Dave and I are super nervous about because it is such a long car ride for our wiggly kiddos.  And though I know we could easily solve this worry by allowing our kids to watch movies and use smart devices, Dave and I decided that when it came to visiting places on the open road, our children would entertain themselves the same ways we did.  Which means endless games of "I Spy", reading, radio karaoke, coloring, taking naps, pulling in at road stops to stretch our legs, and snacking...lots and lots of snacking.  

Preparing road trip games for my children
So, to help these road trips go as smoothly as possible, I decided to make a checklist of all the road trip essentials I thought my family would need.

Family Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Favorite road trip games for my family.

* Backpacks to store personal items in.

* Travel size Pack n' Play-these are especially great for your baby when you need to stop and spend the night in a motel before continuing to your destination OR if you want to stop somewhere to stretch your legs and need a way for your baby to stretch out too.

* Picture books

* Comfort item(s)-this could be a blanket, stuffed animal, etc.

* A few new toys the kids have never played with-a good place to get these is the dollar aisle at Target or some place like that.

* Water Bottles

* Lunch/snack boxes to store favorite personal food items in.

* Umbrella stroller-these are perfect for road trips because they take up less room in your car than your standard stroller; making room for your luggage.  And, you can quickly open and close them; which makes getting in and out of your car that much easier.

I'm currently loving the G-LUXE umbrella stroller by Uppa Baby for so many reasons!  It contains a huge basket that I can easily store travel gear in, has an extendable SPF 50+ sun shade, stands when folded, and has easily removable fabric that can be washed when you get back from your trip.  Plus, you can get an awesome Travel Safe Program , to go along with it, that will make summer travels worry-free!

Summer stroller: an essential to add to your road trip checklist.

Family road trip essentials checklist
* Coloring book and crayons

*First aid kit

*Extra diapers, wipes, etc.

* Communal Snacks- These are snacks that everyone in the car shares.  One thing I like to do with this particular checklist item is go to the grocery store with all of my kids and have them each choose out a snack to share with the rest of the family.

* Garbage bags- road trips can really do a number on your car.  So bring a few garbage bags to store all the garbage in and help keep your car clean.

* Chapter Book to read out loud or Book on CD

* Pillows

* Blankets

* Ear Plugs...haha!  #kiddingnotkidding

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Family road trip essentials checklist

Traveling with kids will always have its difficulties, but I have come to love the trips I take with my sweet littles because I always end up seeing things in a very different and beautiful light.

P.S. I got a huge majority of our road trip items from Sprout San Francisco.  This store has quickly become a new favorite for me because they hand pick every item they carry to ensure parents get their kids the safest and healthiest products that are currently on the market.  So I know I never have to worry or wonder when it comes to the purchases I make there! 

Happy traveling!

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