choosing the best diaper bag

If you follow me on snapchat (if you're new to it, I'm themumsyblog on it) then you've seen me talk about the Mommy Must-haves giveaway I'm doing on my Instagram.  One of the items included in that giveaway is a Fawn Design diaper bag.  Which I absolutely love!  Especially because it meets all the criteria for what a diaper bag should really have.  And believe it or not, that is something that's really hard to come by.

diaper bag essentials

For some reason, I have found that choosing the best diaper bag can be quite the challenge.  Anyone else feels this way?  

Since becoming a mom, I have been through six diaper bags.  No joke!  But during my pregnancy with Benson, I discovered Fawn Design and knew it was the perfect diaper bag for me.  A true match made in Heaven.  Haha!

Having an amazing diaper bag really has made a world of difference for me when I go on outings with my kids.  Saving my sleep deprived brain from worrying about where things are and whether or not it could keep up with my crazy life.  

3 things to look out for when choosing the best diaper bag

And though choosing the best diaper bag may seem kind of daunting, it really isn't.  Especially if you keep in mind what you really want.

But in case you don't know what you want, here are my personal guidelines.

Best backpack diaper bag

      Choosing the Best Diaper Bag

1)  Easy to clean.  
Believe it or not, diaper bags get really dirty, really quick.  So you want to make sure you have a diaper bag made out of fabric both on the inside and out that is easy to wipe.

2) Storage
Whether you have just one kid or a baker's dozen, you are going to have a lot of gear.  Trust me.  And that means you are going to need some good space and a number of compartments to store everything in.  So, look for a bag that is fairly deep and has a good amount of pockets and pouches on the outside and inside of your bag.

3) Wearability
When I purchased my first diaper bag, this key element was way down on the radar for me.  All I cared about was how cute the bag was and how much crap it could hold.  Haha!  But after having to chase down my kids multiple times and needing full mobility for particularly strenuous mommy tasks, I have learned that this is a huge must when it comes to diaper bags.  And for me personally, I just love any diaper bag that can be worn as a backpack because it allows me to move with ease no matter what crazy thing may come my way when out and about with my kids.

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choosing the best diaper bag
Whatever diaper bag you get, if you choose one that goes with your lifestyle and absolutely love, then you simply can't go wrong.



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