preparing for a new baby

preparing for a new baby

preparing for a new baby

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We are in the home stretch for baby number four's due date and I can hardly believe it!  

For my family, a pregnancy due date is just as exciting as any holiday we celebrate.  So, you can bet that since the day I conceived this little nugget my kiddos have been asking me over and over again when the baby was going to be here.

Anyone else in the same boat?

And with any kind of celebratory thing that happens in life, there is a lot of preparation that goes into the Big Day.   But, it doesn't have to be hard or scary.  Instead, it can actually be a lot of fun!   

So, now that I have almost been through 4 pregnancies, I thought I would share some of my easy ways to prepare for a new baby.  


5 Easy Ways to Prepare for a New Baby

1) Make a Nesting 'To-Do' list

If you haven't done this already, this is something I normally during the start of my third trimester.  Writing on it things I need/would like to get done before my baby comes. 

2) Pamper Your Self

Once your precious little baby comes, the majority of your time during the first 6 weeks will be consumed with recovering and taking care of your baby.  So, before I have each baby, I make sure to go and get my hair done, get a massage,  or treat my self to a mani-pedi.  

3) Stock Up Your Freezer

When most people have babies, they can usually expect about a week's worth of meals from family, friends and neighbors.  But after that, life gets back to normal and you are left to come up with the meals for your family.  So, one thing you can do to make things easier on yourself is prepare of few freezer meals that you can pull out on those days when you just don't have time to make dinner.  Each time I get pregnant, I always tell myself that this time I will plan a head and set aside some time to make at least a week's worth of freezer meals.  But, that has yet to happen.  So my family has gotten really good at living off of grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal, and take-out whenever a new baby comes into our family.  Haha!

4) Get Caught Up on Your Laundry

I can't even begin to tell you how messy new babies are!  Between the spit ups, poo blow outs and diapers overflowing with pee you go through more laundry than you ever thought possible for such a tiny human being.  So, if possible, get every ounce of dirty laundry you have cleaned and put away so that you are ready for the onslaught of dirty clothes, burp cloths, etc. that will quickly fill your laundry room.

5) Make Time for Some Romance

Like everything else, romance is a huge thing that goes on the back burner once a new baby comes.  So, make sure you stock up on a few date nights and bedroom rendezvous because once your baby comes, this part of your life can take a huge leave of absence and you're going to need some current memories to help remind you and your partner going.

When it comes to preparing for a new baby, there are a lot of ways to do this. So do what works best for you and will help get you to a point where you can just enjoy snuggling and being with your new babe.

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