st. patrick's day family activities

Another St. Patrick's day has come and gone.  And I swear this one was crazier than the last, probably because my kids are getting older and to the point where they can actually get really excited about every holiday and probably because i am super prego and my extremely tired body can only keep up at a waddling pace.  Haha.  Either way, despite how crazy the day was, it was still fun and so many good memories were made, which is why i looooove being a mom.

In the past, i used to keep St. Patrick's Day really simple.  But, since my kids are officially to that point where holidays are a BIG DEAL and the fact that we are actually Irish through my mom's side of the family, I figured we would start taking St. Patrick's day more seriously.

st. patrick's day family activities

So, this year for St. Patrick's Day, I decided to decorate the house with green balloons and crepe paper, carry on our traditional gold coin hunt, make sure everyone had a lot of green to wear, laid out lucky charms cereal in our rainbow colored latte bowls for breakfast, organized a family picture and ended the day with a fancy St Patrick Day dinner party.

I wish I could say everything went without a hitch, but as it is with motherhood, there was a ton of craziness that went on. Haha!

st. patrick's day family activities

All day long, Isaac made leprechaun traps throughout the house that resulted in me constantly getting trapped in them or me coming across a huge mess he had made in the midst of making one of his traps.  Emi ran around the house like a crazy person in a leprechaun hat and beard she had made at her preschool.  and Zachary kept stealing everyone's chocolate gold coins and quickly devouring them before I could catch him.

Then there was our St Patrick day dinner party.  In my mind I had envisioned everything going perfectly: the food would taste amazing, the table would look incredible, and my kids would have the best of manners.  Instead, things went down like this for our 

st. patrick's day family activities

St Patrick Day Dinner Party

1) Forgot to wash the tablecloth I wanted to lay out and purchase a cute clover centerpiece.  So I settled for our homemade shamrock placemats and some faux Ikea plants that normally decorate my piano.

2) Was over an hour behind dinner because i was making all new recipes and completely underestimated how long it would take to make everything.  So while the kids were waiting, they filled up on cheese, apples, and cantaloupe slices (that were supposed to be for dinner) and were completely full when it was time to finally eat.

3) Since no one was hungry when we finally sat down to eat, the kids were all over the place, and decided that instead of eating dinner, they wanted to play dress up; and ran around the table in capes and crowns while Dave and I quickly ate.  

4) Ended the evening with mint ice cream sundaes which was super fun.  But ended up putting the kids on a sugar high just before we put them to bed;  so, needless to say, the littles weren't asleep until almost 10!

st. patrick's day family activities

Despite all the craziness though, the entire day, including our St Patrick day dinner party, was still wonderful because I got to focus on what I set out in life to do...which is being a mom.  There are a lot of ups and downs with this job, but I'm so grateful that I get to experience it all!



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