people always ask what goes into being a successful mommy blogger.  "a whole heck of a lot" is always my answer.  on the surface, it looks like a glamorous life.  but behind the scenes that is so not the case!  so, i thought i would share what it like for me.  and of course, what i have to share may be completely different for another successful mommy blogger.  but, if you are thinking of becoming a mommy blogger or are just morbidly curious, here's how i do things...

how to be a successful mommy blogger

5 secrets to being a successful mommy blogger

1) you can't have it all.

a lot of people say life is about balance.  but i hate that phrase because as a mom i have learned that as soon as i think i have everything in my life balanced, a curve ball comes out of left field or another task gets added to my already full plate and everything ends up in a broken mess on the floor and me either crying or swearing in the process.  haha!  so instead of saying life is about balance, i have learned to say that life is about priorities.  meaning...that what we focus on each day is a choice.  so, instead of trying to get everything done every single day, choose the most important things that need to get done, knock them out of the ball park and move on to the next.  

sure, i would love to have it all.  who wouldn't?! but in real life, that's not the reality.  which is why i'm ok when their are times i don't do my laundry in almost a month or completely neglect my website at times; because in those moments, they weren't the priority.

how to be a successful blogger

2) keep work and family time separate.

sure, there have been times when i've had to make an exception and merge the two together by either bringing my kids to a photo shoot and/or event or letting all hell break loose in my house as i responded to a few e-mails, phone calls, etc. that had to be done right then and there.  and though both exceptions can be super stressful i try and look at moments like those as opportunities for my kiddos to see and be a part of other things i love to do.  which i think is super important.  because there is more to me than just being a mom and i want my kids to know that.

however, tying into what i said above about priorities, my family will always be my number one priority.  so for me, i do my best to keep my work and family separate so that i can be fully present and attentive to my family.  and, there really is no right or wrong way to do this.  for me, i made the decision that when my kiddos were awake and with me my time would be focused them; and when they were asleep or somewhere else i would then focus on work.

when it comes down to it, you just need to go with your gut ad do what feels right for you and you kiddos.

how to be a successful mommy blogger

3) be prepared to feel like a failure.

when i first decided to treat blogging like a business, i seriously thought it would be a walk in the park.  looking back on that, i can't help but laugh out loud because i was soooooo wrong!  but just like it is with motherhood, there are many times i felt like a failure as a blogger too.  it's part of life i guess.  haha!  if you are choosing to blog because you want to earn money from it, then you have to look your blog as a business.  and when it comes down to running a business, there will be a lot of times when you fall flat on your face, feel super insignificant, and that you are lacking in so many areas.

instead of letting those things consume you.  use them as motivation to learn more, be better, and prove other wrong.  

how to be a successful blogger

4)  get yo' self educated!

as a mom, it is important to educate yourself as best you can when it comes to raising children, cooking healthy meals, budgeting family finances, etc.  the same principle applies to being a successful mommy blogger. there is so, so, SOOOOOO much that goes into blogging from a business perspective.  not only do you need to maintain an appealing site with valuable content, but you also need to know to how to promote your blog both on the internet and in the crazy world of social media.  so, if you don't already have a degree or some type of training in these things, you need to get it.  otherwise, you and your blog will get left in the dust.  such is the world of business.  so, here are the things i would suggest learning to do...

(note: i will be going more into depth with these on my youtube channel.  so make sure to subscribe and stay tuned!) 

BUUUUT...for now, you can read more on topics like this HERE, HERE, and HERE.

1-take professional looking photos: i was told that 90% of the appeal of your blog is your photography.  so if you aren't going to be using a professional photographer, make sure you have good pictures to go along with your amazing content!

2-create and effectively run social media profiles: as a blogger, you definitely have to know how to market yourself.  and social media is a great way to do that!  it's a lot of work, but if you put educate yourself on how to effectively do this, your blog will grow exponentially!

3-networking: a huge part of running a business is learning to network.  as a blogger, you are your brand.  and part of getting your brand/blog recognized is by learning about and attending blogger events that are going on in your area and also learning how to collaborate and work with other bloggers, social media influencers, and companies.

4-resources: these are a huge part of the arsenal that makes a mommy blogger successful.  ranging from books, online programs, apps, and so much more, it is super important to learn what resources are out there and then collect the ones that will help be the best at what you are wanting to do.

5-audience: figure out who you are doing your blog for (moms, diy-ers, bakers, fashionistas, etc.) and learn the best ways to reach out to and connect with them.

how to be a successful mommy blogger

5) be real

now-a-days, people like authenticity because it is something they can easily relate to.  if you are constantly talking about how perfect your home, marriage, children, etc. are, you will instantly begin to isolate yourself from others because life isn't perfect 100% of the time and people know that.  so, don't be afraid to share personal struggles, those moments when all you can think about is selling your kids to the circus, and why you haven't showered in almost a week.  it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but when you step outside yourself and say, "hey!  this is what i'm dealing with right now." people will instantly want to connect with you because life is mess and we all have struggle.

* * * * * * * * * *

and there you have it!  part one of how to be a successful mommy blogger.  of course, there is a ton more i could share.  so stay tuned for part 2!   i will also go into more detail about all of this in my first ever PERISCOPE this friday at 2 PM MST.  so if you don't follow me on periscope already, make sure you do, because i'd love to see you over there!  I'm The Mumsy Blog over there too!


  1. Thank you SO much for this!! I have had a passion for blogging ever since I learned what it was and am just now getting serious about turning it into something more than just a hobby. It helps to have the insight of others who have done that successfully!