spring time pregnancy photoshoot

spring time family fashion photo shoot

spring time family fashion photo shoot
Pics from a fun photo shoot we did with roxana baker as a family this weekend.  More to come on that later.

spring time family fashion photo shoot

Weekends are so crazy for me and my family.  For some reason, we always seem to have a ton going on like deep cleaning the house, buying groceries for the week, or attend a wedding and/or birthday party for a family member (I come from a huge family).  But, we also do a lot of fun family weekend activities too.  And this weekend was filled with them.  There is always so much to share, but I'm horrible at remembering to take my camera with me wherever we go.  So, i decided it would be fun to start documenting my family's weekend through a regular vlog series since i always seem to have my phone on me. 

This particular weekend was filled with errands, donuts, cupcakes, a photo shoot, birthday party, and even a wedding and i'm so excited to be sharing our family weekend activities through my first ever vlog.  Yes, it is super amateur and I still have specific type of equipment I need to get and techniques I need to learn.  But, I've learned that in some instances if I wait until everything is perfect before beginning a new venture, I could potentially miss out on some incredible opportunities.  So I'm diving in head first and just winging it as I go!

Hope you enjoy this past weekend's vlog!  OH!  and don't forget to subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  I'm starting to share a ton of fun projects there and would hate for you to miss out!

Family Weekend Activities

vlog: march 4-6

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