family easter pictures with bunnies

About a week and half ago, my family and I went in to camera shy.  This darling local photography studio that had the cutest fluffy bunnies people could use for their family easter pictures.  

In the past, i have only taken easter pictures of my children; and since we have never officially had family easter pictures taken, i thought it would be fun to jump on this opportunity! 

 And I think the end results are absolutely darling!  

Especially since i literally had 30 minutes to get our entire family ready and out the door.  I normally would have done something much cuter with my hair, but with how short we were on time, I blow dried it, added a little hair product, and threw on some bright pink lipstick to help distract from how crazy my hair actually was.  lol!  Such is the life of a mom.  Right?!  at least my kids looked absolutely scrumptious!

family easter pictures with bunnies

family easter fashion

So, if you too are wanting to get some pictures taken before Easter and are looking for some family easter picture ideas, here's what i did...

Family Easter Picture Ideas

1) Avoid wearing the same color/style of clothing

We've all seen those family pictures that go viral on the internet.  You know, the ones where everyone is wearing denim, random cat shirts, ugly sweaters, or whatever it may be.  Sure, those kind of coordinating outfits make for a good laugh in the years to come.  But if you are wanting some family Easter pictures that are a little more classic and timeless and still show off your personal taste, i tend to do the following...

* Choose bright and fun colors that are complimentary to each other

This year, i went with purples, blues, and greens, and then opted for a fun pop of red, white, and creams.

*Stick with classic clothing items.

For me, this means sunday best.  dresses for the girls and button down shirts and ties for the boys.

2) Opt for traditional items that have a fun twist

Here's where you can really have some fun with adding your own personal style/taste to your pics!  I just love how transforming some accessories can be to the look of family pictures. and it can easily be done by mixing up the accessories you use.  Meaning, just like your clothing colors, don't put everyone in the exact same thing.  I did this for our family Easter pictures by...

easter fashion ideas for boys

easter fashion ideas for boys

putting my boys in bow ties and Dave in a skinny tie that had different but complimentary fun prints on them. 

easter fashion ideas for girls

placed a big red bow in Emi's hair to go with the bow ties the boys were wearing and the red dress I decided to wear.

easter fashion ideas for boys

easter fashion ideas for boys

opted for a pair of hard soled leather shoes and soft-soled leather moccs from freshly picked to add some fun flair to the pic.  

easter fashion ideas for girls

family easter pictures with bunnies
selected a large floral necklace for me to wear that tied into the beautiful embroidered flowers in emi's flor de luz dress.

3) Try not to pose too much

Just like pictures become a viral comedic hub when it comes to the clothing people are wearing in them, the same can happen when it comes to the poses that everyone ends up doing.  So when it comes to family Easter pictures, i tend to mix up the classic, posed pictures with some fun candid ones so that I have a fun contrast of pictures to choose from.  Plus it shows some very fun and different sides of my family, which I absolutely love!

family easter pictures with bunnies
I still can't get over how excited my kids were about the bunnies!  Emi and Isaac couldn't stop smiling and laughing and cute little Zachary was completely obsessed with the chubby, fluffy-eared bunny he got to hold; talking about it over and over again for the rest of the week!

family easter pictures with bunnies

family easter picture poses

and that's it!

Coming up with family Easter picture ideas can be super stressful.  But if you stick to the basics, avoid stressing too much over the little things, and focus on making this a fun and memorable experience for your little crew; capturing your fun family easter pictures ideas will become a memory you'll always cherish.

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