weekends are crazy for us.  usually our weekend family activities involve spending our entire saturday running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  which i kind of love, because i really like to stay buys.  my kids usually don't mind either.  but dave, on the other hand, hates having a jammed packed saturday.  he would much rather stay at home and work on things there.  

luckily for him, his wish came true this past weekend. 

aside from a lunch date i had scheduled with a web designer and a date we had planned later that night with our friends, we had absolutely nothing set in stone all saturday morning, so dave and i tackled putting away 2 weeks worth of laundry, vacuuming, stocking our cupboards with groceries, helping isaac gather sticks for his next stick house, coloring with chalk on the sidewalk, cleaning the downstairs toy room, pushing the kids in the hammock because it was over 50 DEGREES OUTSIDE!  and getting a good chuckle out of watching the kids run around in some animal costumes that we all wore 2 halloweens ago.

though i love having a lot of places to go during the weekends, i've really come to love the simple weekend family activities that allow my family to just be together and enjoy each others' company.

weekend family activities

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