the baby blues and how to cope

the baby blues and how to cope

the baby blues and how to cope

i've had today's post on my calendar for a while.  it was supposed to be all about why we are such amazing people and should and why life is just so darn amazing.  but, as i sat down to write this post, i began to feel more like a fraud with each word that i wrote, because i am currently going through a phase of life where i practically hate everyone and everything.  including myself.  honestly, right now, i am just squeaking through life with doing the bare minimum.  meaning my kids are alive at the end of each day.  the house hasn't burned to the ground before dave gets home from work.  and i am somewhat functional when i go out in public.  sure, i've always had my good and bad days throughout my life.  but never anything this extreme.  and i know it has to do with a horrible case of baby blues that i am experiencing this pregnancy.  something i have never dealt with so intensely during any of my other pregnancies, and it has definitely thrown me through a loop.  

like any person out there.  i have my good and bad days.  but since getting the baby blues, my bad days are definitely worse than the typical bad days that i experience.  and when i say bad, i mean downright nasty.  either consisting of me wanting to do nothing more than stay buried under my bed covers and cry the entire day away, being overly jealous and hateful toward anyone who has a shred of happiness or success in their life, OR focus on every reason why i am such a looser as mom and human being in general. 

in my gender reveal post, i talked about how excited we were to be having another baby.  and we truly are.  but, this by far, has been my hardest and most eager to get over with pregnancy.  not only for myself, but for my sweet husband as well.  this has been a very taxing experience for us both, and i am so grateful for his patience with me.  which, on a side note, is why i think married life is so amazing because, no matter what, you will have someone there to help pick up the slack when you just aren't able too.  it's a beautiful and continual give and take; and i absolutely love it.  especially during this  phase of life that i'm going through right now.

so, aside from relying a lot on my sweet husband, i am also taking each day as it comes and just focusing on the present.  something i hardly ever do because i am such a planner.  i love to plan things out weeks in advance and know exactly what is going on all. the. time.  something i haven't been able to do this pregnancy.  and that's ok.  one of many things that i've learned from having the baby blues is that it's totally fine to take a step back, relax, and let the cards fall as they may.

in no way do i claim to know it all when it involves anything about how to manage the baby blues.  but, i do know what does and doesn't work for me.  so i'm taking a deep breath, stuffing my mouth full of butterfinger peanut butter cups (my current "take a chill pill" snack), and putting it out into the universe so it can do with it what it wants. 

SO, with all that being said, i give you ....

the baby blues and how to cope

the baby blues and how to cope

the baby blues and how to cope

how to manage the baby blues

1. don't be afraid to admit you have the baby blues.

with any problem or struggle we face, i think this is the first and most important thing we can do for ourselves. 

for the longest time, i was completely miserable, admitting to no one that was struggling.  even my husband.  for some reason, i thought that i could deal with it on my own and just fight through it.  but i realized that by keeping this problem to myself, i was doing more damage to myself, my marriage, and my life in general by keeping quite.  if we were meant to go through life alone then we all would have been placed on desert islands.  but that's not the case.  our lives are filled with incredible people who love us and want the best for us.  so, why not turn to them when we need their help most?

there is nothing heroic or admirable, about fighting through something on your own when you clearly need help and there are people standing on the sidelines desperate to help.  i promise they won't think anything less of you when you admit that you can't do it alone.  something i have personally realized myself.  seriously, let go of any pride you may have, let yourself be loved and helped.  you deserve it!

2. get professional help if you need it.

going along with what i said above, there is no shame in getting help.  especially if you need professional help.  this thing, this case of baby blues that many of us moms face is a real and diagnosable disorder.  and sometimes we need a professional to step in and help.  and that is O.K.!  like i said, there is no shame in admitting you need help.  and once you do, it's amazing how much better things become.  

i currently do not feel that i am to the point of needing professional help.  it's just something i feel in my gut and also something that dave is helping monitor (once i admitted to him that i had the baby blues, i told him that if he ever thought i got to the point of needing professional help to say so, and i would trust his judgement) and he too feels like i am not to that point yet.  but, if you have had any thoughts or inklings that you may need help or someone you love and trust has suggested that you should go this route, then i definitely think it is something that you should look into.

3. treat yo' self!

i've been doing this a lot recently, and it's been so helpful!  for the longest time, i used to think it was super selfish of me to put off my endless to-do list or leave dave with the kids so i could get out.  but, i've learned that in order to maintain a healthy mental wellbeing, you've simply got to take some time out for yourself   seriously, the sink full of dishes can wait and the kids will be ok under someone else's care for a few hours while you do something that makes you happy and helps get you back in that right mind set.  for me, this varies.  sometimes i just need to lay on the couch and watch uninterrupted re-runs of my favorite t.v. show on netflix.  other times i need to get out of and just escape for a while to the nearest antique shop, bakery, or book store.  whatever you thing may be, go do it and don't think twice about it.

4. remember to focus on others.

as important as it is to focus on yourself, it's also important to focus on others...when you can.  there will be some days when i just can't muster up any energy to help another human being aside from children.  and that's ok.  but on my happier and somewhat more energetic days, i make sure to put myself out there and help those around me.  whether it's watching a neighbor's children, running errands for a friend, or making a batch of cookies to give to someone who is having a worse day than i am. i do it because 

1. it's important to serve.

2. when you willing help others, others are willing to help you.

5. count your blessings.

when i go through an episode of the baby blues, it's really easy for me to get depressed about everything i don't have or am lacking.  so, when this first started to happen, i decided to make a list, whether it was in my head or on an actual piece of paper, that reminded me of everything i was blessed with in my life.  though this usually doesn't completely clear up my baby blues, it does help put things into perspective and help me realize that life isn't really as bad as i think.

6. gather resources.

when it comes to the baby blues, there are so many resources out there.  you aren't as alone as you think when it comes to dealing with this personal struggle.

since realizing i really did have the baby blues i began to search for resources and even people that would better help me understand and overcome what i was going through.

these are some of my favorites...

baby blues: postpartum depression realities and remedies

postpartum depression

prenatal depression

and then there are always people.  find other people who have been through the same thing you are going through and talk to them about.  having a support system filled with people who really get what you are experiencing can be really helpful!

7. save the date.

i threw my emoji themed galentine's day party, did a few segments for some of my local news stations, created my first video tutorials, planned a few family activities, and even helped out at a huge blogger convention during times in my pregnancy when my baby blues were very present.  but i did it all because i needed some things in my life that would help keep me pre-occupied and excited about what lied a head in the near future.

there were a lot of times when i had to remind myself not to do too much because i knew i realistically wouldn't be able to do everything i wanted to, and i turn, would get upset and depressed about that.  so with each thing that i did, i stuck to doing only the things i realistically knew i could do, and let go of the things i knew i couldn't.  something that was super hard for me to do, because i like to think that i can do it all.  but, it was also very freeing at the same time because the things i let go of quickly became things that i no longer had to worry about; and therefore meant less stress and sadness in my life.

so...plan some fun things to look forward to, but make sure keep it real at the same time.

  8. say "yes" to the good and "no" to the bad.

since being very away that i had the baby blues, i've noticed that there are certain things that trigger my depression.  sometimes it's looking at a certain person's feed on instagram, listening to some specific songs, interacting with certain people, or even watching specific movies or t.v. shows.  which, if i wasn't dealing with the baby blues, wouldn't normally bother me to the extent that they do right now.  so, i've been getting very good at learning to just say no to doing, viewing, listening or interacting with certain people and things.

this may seem harsh.  but at this point in my life, i feel like i am in survival mode and i have to whatever is necessary to survive and stay on top of what i'm dealing with.  so, right now i'm saying a big "HECK YES" to anything that makes and keeps me happy, and a huge "NO WAY IN HADES" to anything that doesn't and it has helped out a ton!

9. "oh well!" is a wonderful mantra.

i have found that there are a lot of things i'm just not going to be able to do right now.  so i've made the saying "oh well" my new life mantra.

didn't get the dishes done today?  "oh well!"

have 7 loads of laundry still waiting to be washed/put away? "oh well!"

kids are eating pancakes...again...for dinner? "oh well!"

it's 5:00 p.m. and everyone is still in their p.j.s?  "oh well!"

see what i mean?!

instead of focusing on all that you didn't do.  focus on all that you did do.  even if that just consists of your kids being alive at the end of each day and your house still standing in one piece.  because those two things alone are a HUGE accomplishment!

10. love your beautiful self!

it can be really hard to love yourself when you are at a dark place in your life.  but you need to do it!  us girls are truly incredible, and when we choose to sacrifice our bodies and even our sanity to create a precious and beautiful life we need to remember just how incredible that is and how amazing we are for being so willing to put ourselves through all the ups and downs that come with pregnancy.  the role of motherhood isn't easy.  and it isn't perfect.  if it was, more people would do it!  so don't forget that and remind yourself daily just how incredible you are.  and, if you just can't seem to find the inner strength to do that, then find/ask someone to do it for you.  because us pregnant mamas deserve to know on a daily basis how amazing we really are!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

 this is by far has go to be the longest and most time consuming post i have ever written!  but i feel that learning how to manage the baby blues is very important and definitely worth any time and hard work a girl can muster. 

life is hard, and there are a lot of unexpected complications that come with.  

thanks to the world we live in, we will constantly be bombarded with the idea that we have to be perfect.  but that is so not the case!  i clearly do not know it all, but i do know that even though having the baby blues is definitely a huge hardship, there is also beauty in it because, if we allow it to, this challenge can really show us what we're made of and how blessed our lives really are.

hang in there mama!  you're amazing!

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  1. Loved this post! I had horrible PPD and PPA after the birth of my first child. It took me a year to feel back to normal. You are so not alone.

  2. Michelle I love this! I had the baby blues after I had Jamison but I assumed it was only a postpartum thing. Yet as I read this, I realize a lot of what I've been feeling this pregnancy is probably due to my crazy hormones and not that I myself am just going crazy. Haha
    Two things stuck out to me:
    -The "oh well" mantra: love that, I always just overwhelm myself with everything I didn't get done. -Saying no to things that trigger your unhappiness or self-doubt. It does seem harsh, but it's probably harsher to put that on yourself, along with your family.

    Thanks for the tips!! You're awesome!!