so...can i just say how much i have loooooved your response to this emoji themed galentine's day party that i did?! it was definitely a labor of love the first big step in a new direction i want to head.  so, seriously, thanks so so much for the love you guys!

with that being said, i thought it would be fun to talk about what one can wear to their own galentine's day party.  and to honest, you can really wear anything you want!  but, if you are hosting a themed galentine's day party it can be quite fun to ask guests to reflect the theme of your event in the clothes and accessories they wear.  plus, you can get some pretty awesome pictures from doing something like this.  which is exactly what i made this particular request for my emoji themed galentine's day brunch!

if there is one emoji i use more than i probably should, it's the dancing red lady.  for some reason i feel a deep inner connection to this little icon.  so, i thought it would be fun to ask my friends to channel their own dancing lady persona and come in the best red dress and festive bling.

if you're looking to include the same things for your own galentine's day party, here's my tips and tricks for doing just that!

Galentine's Day Party

"Emoji's are a Love Language" Brunch

Tips on What to wear & Easy Photo Booth Ideas

|photos by roxana b photography|


galentines day party

Tip #1: If going with a dress codes, asks guests to wear items that they may already have on hand, or that you know stores/websites currently have on hand. 

shabby apple and shop & apparel currently have a ton of amazing red dresses and accessories.  so this would be a great place for you to start when looking for something to wear to your own galentine's day party that is a little more on the fancy/fun side of life.  The attire and accessories my friends and i wore were form these two companies and we can't say enough good things about them!  They seriously are the best companies to shop at if you want to stand out.

galentines day party

Tip #2: Provide a list of places you know carry the items you want your guests to wear.

like i said, shabby apple and shop and apparel are a great places to attire and accessories for you own emoji themed galentine's day party.  but, a good thing to keep in mind is the financial situation of each of your guests.  so, one thing you could do is send out an e-mail/text or include a list with your invite of some places that carry the items you are asking your guests to wear and have prices that are friendly to any budget.

here are some of my favorites...

1 2 3 4 5 | 6

galentines day party
galentines day party

Tip #3: Photo booths are a fun party activity and great way to document the good time everyone is having.

whenever i host a party, i love to document it through pictures.  and a great way to capture all the fun everyones' having, is through some sort of photo booth with of course...props!

galetines day party

galentines day party

Tip #4: To save time and stress on your end, keep things simple!

if elaborate photo booths are you thing, then that's so great!  construct and design that baby to your hearts content!  as for me, i like to focus my attention more on the decorations so i tend to keep my photo booths simple.  sticking with solid colored backgrounds or something as easy as crepe paper fringe or a few 3-D flowers.  and using some easy DIY props, balloons, or even items that i find in the dollar aisle at target or even my local family discount stores.

you can see some of my previous photo booths here and here.

galentines day party

galentines day party

Tip #5: Create a photo booth that ties in to the theme of your party.

for this galentine's day party i thought it would be fun to end the event with everyone driving around the corner to a very popular pink wall that is in my neighborhood and snapping some fun single and group pics.

sticking with my love of simple photobooths, we kept the props as simple as the background; but made sure they tied into the theme of my party.  so, we stayed in our red shabby apple dresses, used some fun balloons that i got from zurchers, incorporated some awesome shop and apparel sunglasses and "mail" clutches to tie in with the sunglasses and envelope emojis, included a few of the decorations i had set up in my house, and used a large red heart that i picked up from my local dollar store.  

galentines day party

though i loved every aspect of this emoji themed galentine's day party, i think the themed attire and photo booth was a definite highlight for everyone who came!

in case you missed it...

everyone's dresses are from shabby apple.

all of our accessories are from shop and apparel.

the awesome photography was done by roxana b photography.


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