there has been a lot of excitement and questions over the emoji themed galentine's day party that i did with my friends oakley, alycia, dani, whitney, and cecilia. we've all been sharing sneak peaks on instagram and are beyond tickled pink to finally be sharing it today on our websites.  especially me!  this party has been a been brain child of mine for a while and i had so much fun finally getting the chance to host it!

as you all know.  i loooooove to throw a good party.  especially when it involves celebrating and being with moms that simply love and adore!

i'm beyond sure that many of you feel the same way.  so i wanted to put together a fun emoji themed galentine's day party that any one of you could easily put your unique spin on and host for your own group of girlfriends during this month of L.O.V.E.

so, for today's post, i'm going to show you how the whole thing came together.  then throughout the rest of this week, i'll be showing you how i made the emoji decorations, simple directions on how to make a yummy sparkling berry punch, tips on how to set a fun dress code for your party with some fun looks from shabby apple and shop & apparel, and a video that the girls and i teamed up with dotd films to make about loving yourself and those around you. 

with all that being said, are you ready?!  cause i sure am!

Galentine's Day Party

"Emojis are a Love Language" Brunch

photos by roxana b photography

i love getting together with my mom friends for any excuse in the book.  but brunch is one of my favorites!  so, combining my love for breakfast/lunch food with my obsession for emojis, i came up with idea to do an emoji themed brunch where the heart eyed, winking kissy faced yellow emojis and dancing red ladies were in ample supply.

a great way to really set the tone of your own emoji themed party is in how you choose to decorate your table.  since this was a party for me and my girlfriends.  i wanted this particular galentine's day party to be fun and youthful but still maintain or more classy vibe.  so i mixed things up with some fun homemade emoji place chargers (i'll be showing you how to make those later this week.), fresh flowers, place settings that consisted of napkins folded into large envelope shapes containing a personalized valentine for each girl, and then rounded everything off with with some fun dishes, glasses, striped straws and other fun decorations from my favorite online party store...zurchers.

for me, there is just something so cozy and quaint about having galentine's day party in your home.  plus, i love a good excuse to decorate my home with personalized touches, like this custom felt circle banner and the "emojis are a love language" banner that i created from the bees knees shoppe,  that fill every nook and cranny with a beautifully festive transformation.

 let's talk about the flowers shall we?  aren't they to die for?  if you're ever choosing to do an event with a more fancy flare.  i think fresh flowers are always the way to go.  my friends at foxglove floral and gifts did such a good job putting together these beautiful arrangements! they definitely added that extra special touch that i was looking for and went perfectly with the color scheme i had in mind for this emoji themed party.

and what's a party without good food and cake?!  whether you are throwing a party for your kids or for your grownup girlfriends, the things you choose to serve are a great way to set the tone of your event and get everyone in the partying spirit!  so since this particular galentine's day party was a brunch, i stuck with some delicious and classic brunch foods from mt. vista catering and a yummy emoji themed cake from provo bakery.  the food was absolutely incredible.  so i wasn't surprised in the least bit to see it all get quickly eaten and happily savored!

whenever i choose to entertain, i always make sure to focus my energy on the people who attend and in turn am able to avoid a lot of the stress that can come with hosting a party because my attention is mostly focused on the love i have for those who are coming.  so, when you choose to host your own galentine's day party or any form of an emoji themed party for that matter, remember that hosting the perfect party isn't about the decorations, food, or table settings.   it's about the company of those your love and how each person feels when they leave your home. 

in case you missed it...

the custom "emojis are a love language" banner and pink ombre felt banner that i designed is from the bees knees shoppe.

the yummy food was from mt. vista catering and provo bakery.

all of the fun party decorations/paper goods were from zurchers.

the beautiful floral centerpieces were done by foxglove floral and gifts.

all of the stunning photography was by roxana b photography.


  1. So so so so cute!!! You did such a fabulous job, I'm jealous and wish I could party with you all!!!

    1. Thanks so much Fatima! Next time you are in town you, me and Cecilia should do a GNO!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Magdalena! It was a fun party to put together.

  3. So cute Michelle! I am so sad I missed it!

  4. Seriously Michelle you are AMAZING! Thanks again so much for inviting me and putting this together.

    1. Thanks so so much Cecilia! And of course! We should party together more often!