running errands with kids is something i think every mom dreads.  especially me right now, because this has been the hardest pregnancy for far!  

some how though, i occasionally get these random bursts of energy.  and when i do, i quickly leap into action; getting as many things done as i can before my body calls it quits again.  and, running errands with my kids is one of those things.

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now, in a realistic world, i would just have one of the girls in our neighborhood come over to watch my babes so i could just hurry and run to the few places i need to go.  but, with a growing family, money is usually pretty tight around here.  so my kids usually go with me.  something i absolutely dread because 1 out of every 3 times i go out with my kids, one of the following happens...

* someone (one of my two youngest) has a HUGE potty accident.

* astronomical tantrums form out of nowhere.  

you know, the kind where people walking by give you that sideways glance that surely means, "get your kids and your act together lady.

* one of my children decides to escape from the shopping cart/stroller when i'm not looking and begin a game of hide and seek. 

(seriously, one time this happened, we were at the library and emi got out of the stroller when my back was turned.  after frantically searching for her for 5 minutes, i informed the library security and staff.  all the doors were quickly locked to prevent anyone from potentially leaving with my daughter and then every available person began looking for my daughter who was eventually spotted on a security camera getting inside an elevator that was currently on the 3rd floor of the building.) 

this list could honestly go on and on!  there seriously is never a dull moment when you choose to start running errands with kids!  ha!

but, over the years, I have learned three life (and sanity) saving tricks when it comes to running errands with kids.  so here is my

 Mumsy's Guide to...

Running errands with kids

 trick #1: wear appropriate clothing

if you're running errands with small kids, keep your attire simple.  i like to wear things that allow me to quickly and easily reach for and chase after my kids.  and also wont get snagged up on anything as i'm lifting my kids in and out of the car, shopping cart, stroller, etc.

* * some of my current go-to clothing/accessory items are flowy tops from jaykaiy, jeans with spandex in them, low heeled or flat sole shoes, and simple but eye catching jewelry from made by mary with love. * *

trick #2: properly stock your bag/diaper bag

 don't go anywhere without a large bag or diaper bag stocked with all the essentials...and then some.  my friends always make fun of me for having such a full diaper bag.  but guess who they always go to first when we are out with our kids and they realize they have forgotten or ended up needing something they didn't think was important to bring ...that's right, me.  ha ha!

so, for me.  i seriously always make sure that my diaper bag is stocked with  everything but the kitchen sink.  it's annoying, at times to be lugging around such a huge diaper bag but i can't tell you how much more smoothly my errands go when i have all of my essentials on hand.  and for me, that's...

* a clutch filled with diapers, wipes, and ointment.

* a mini first aid kit stocked with bandaids, some gauze,  and antibacterial wipes.

* water bottle

* ziploc bag filled with some snacks.

* a few small but favorite hand held toys.

* change of pants and underwear for my current potty training child in case we have an accident.

* small pouch filled with a travel package of tissues, some chapstick, sun screen stick, and hand sanitizer.

trick #3: have a game plan

for me, this means never leaving to run an errand without a list of places i need to go and what i need to get from each location.  i know, it should be easy enough to remember where you need to go and what you need to get.  but when you throw kids into the mix, that and your sanity all seem to disappear in an instant!

trick #4: mentally prepare yourself

on occasion, i have been know to swear out loud, cry, and even act like my children aren't my own when out in public.  but in the moments when i take a few minutes to mentally prepare myself for anything that could possibly happen.  it somehow isn't that big of deal when something chaotic occurs.  with the exception of that moment when you loose you kid and have to have the building locked down until you find them. ;)

like i said, these are tricks that work for me.  they may not work for you.  and if that is the case, find what does work, embrace the crazy moments that come your way and enjoy spending time with your kids!

shirt: jaykaiy

photography: roxana b photography

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