i am so in love with these beautiful pics by luminosity photos!

oh how i love this mini me of mine!

as a mom, i always feel a huge responsibility when it comes to raising my children.  especially my daughter, emi.  i'm not quite sure why, but i think it has a lot to do with the fact that we are both girls and that, like me, she has the potential to one day become a mom.   and since kids learn by example, i know emi will be watching my every move.  constantly taking mental note of all the things i do/don't do and say/don't say.  storing it all up for a personal guideline that she can use as she continues to grow.

the thought of all this seriously freaks me out because i know there are countless ways for me to screw everything up when it comes to raising strong and confident daughters.  but i also know there are countless ways for me do it right.  so i always try to focus on that side of the spectrum instead for the sake of my own sanity.  haha!

these liv and hope shirts went perfectly with what we each wanted to share.

snuggling on this blue salvage blanket with our girls was my favorite part of the photo session!

lucky for me, i'm not the only mom out there who constantly thinks about this particular topic.  so i decided to team up with Amy Twitty of Liv and Hope, Sarah Tyau of Our Life is Beautiful, and Sandy Chang of Sandy a la Mode and collectively share how we are all raising strong and confident daughters.  so once you are done here, make sure you stop by these incredible women's websites also because we will each be sharing something different!

so let's get down to it shall we?  haha!

when it comes to how i want to go about

raising strong and confident daughters

emi couldn't look any cuter in this darling hum stitchery dress!

there are a lot of ways in which i want to do this.  but one of the main things i want to teach my sweet emi (and any other daughters i may have) is the importance of staying focused on what matters most in life.

if you follow me in instagram, then you already know that this is something i've been talking about quite a bit.  but only because it is so important to me.

in today's world, there are millions of ways for us girls to loose focus on what's most important in life.  i can't tell you how many times i have got sucked into thinking things like...

"if i were prettier, i could be __________." 

"if had more money, i could do ____________."

"if i were more popular, people would think ____________."  

silly, i know.  but it's so true!  something that i think is still the norm for so many girls out there!

so for emi, instead of her learning to focus only on her outer beauty, wealth, and fame status i want to her learn the importance of focusing on her inner beauty, work ethic, and ability to love others for who they are. because, when you focus on the things that really count in life, you become beautiful inside and out, rich beyond belief in matters of the heart, and loved in a way that others only ever dream of.  

and as a mom, that is all i could ever want for my beautiful daughter.

in case you missed it...

shirts-liv and hope
dresses- hum stitchery
blanket- blue salvage


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