if only my pom hat were yellow. *sigh* 

could you imagine how awesome it would be if this clutch print was on a dress?!

| pics by roxana b photography |
yesterday i woke up with some serious braxton hicks and a sinus infection.  which means i stayed home from church and spent most of the day in bed.  to help the time pass, i watched a few documentaries on netflix.  something i am a huge sucker for.  dave thinks i'm a little weird for always getting so animated over the most recent documentary that i watched, but i always remind him that i will never run out of interesting conversation topics to discuss with him or other people.  haha!

out of the many documentaries i watched yesterday, my favorite was entitled "Iris" and was about "the rare bird of fashion" Iris Apfel.  if you don't know who she is, watch the documentary or google her.  seriously though, this woman is incredible, and has really inspired me to dress and act in a way that makes me happy.  a lesson learned that has really made me happy because recently i've felt like i need to dress, act, and do certain things like all the other "cool" social media influencers to get more recognized.  though i have an appreciation for the simple, minimalistic, borderline hipster home, fashion, and personality trends that many women are following these days, it's just not my

personal fashion style

and that is something i have happily come to terms with.  because, at the end of the day, it's not about doing something that will make you popular, but doing something that will make you happy.  no matter what.  so from here on out i am going to back to my roots.  wearing and doing things that are a little quirky, colorful, somewhat modern, and happiness inducing the moment you look at them.  because, that's who i am.  and i've decided i want to fully embrace that and make no compromises.

with that being said, i want to share with you one of my favorite filanthropik floral clutch that is definitely one of those colorful and fun winter fashion accessories that will coordinate with whichever personal fashion style you may have.

in all honesty, there are a ton of these out there, but whenever i can, i like to buy items that have a purpose behind them.  which is why i specifically love this filanthropik clutch; because a portion of each purchase made on this site goes toward helping organizations working to alleviate the pains of poverty in guatemala. something i can definitely get behind.

and with that, i leave you with my new, favorite quote to live by when it comes to your own personal fashion style...

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