the time has F I N A L L Y come for me to reveal what we are having.  Hooray!

I'm also sharing our gender reveal video i made with dotd films over on my youtube page too!  You can click HERE to view it and other fun videos i've recently made.  but for now, i hope you enjoy this most recent video!

SO.....what do you think?  we are sooooo incredibly excited to be adding this fun little addition to our family and can hardly wait for our due date! 

on a side note...did you know I had a youtube page?  well, surprise, i do.  and this year, i will be doing a ton more video.  especially when it comes to the fun projects i do like my "motherhood is" series which i will actually begin working on with justin hackworth and dotd films within this next month.  we have some incredible moms lined up with incredible stories to share, so i can hardly wait!  i'm still looking for two other moms to include in this year's series so if you know of someone who would be great to feature, shoot me an e-mail at

but for now, you can read the stories from this past year's "motherhood is" series





now, let's move on to the other topic in today's post...gender reveal ideas.

i am a party girl at heart.  in fact, i think most girls are.  so when it comes to sharing the gender of the baby you are having, why not celebrate it?!  you can turn this into a big event like the parisian themed gender reveal party i did back in september.  or you can keep it on the simpler side by shooting a quick video or even taking a fun pic to send out to all your family and friends. 

the options are really endless.  so choose what works best for you and start partying it up!  

and, if you need a few ideas to get the wheels turning.  here are some unique gender reveal ideas that i currently have stored away on my pinterest account.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

1) Gender Reveal Party

2) Poweder Pouches

3)  Confetti Poppers

5) Gender Reveal Dessert

6) Gender Reveal Guessing Game