pushes in the blue hammock that hangs from our walnut tree are an easy boredom buster for this little girl!

this season i have been obsessed with wreaths.  i made this one with some left over ribbon and an antique broach!

tuts have become and essential winter accessory for emi.

BLUE LACE DRESS: pink blush maternity // GREEN SEQUIN PATCH SWEATER: pink blush maternity // NAVY SASH TIE COAT: pink blush maternity

for the past few years, we haven't gotten a lot of snow here in utah.  i mean, our mountains have.  which is great for all the snow bunnies that live and flock here.  but in the valley, where i live.  the snow hasn't stuck on the ground for long periods of time, during the month of december, in years.

some people hate it.  wanting the entire winter season to be white and powdery.  but i kind of love it.  i think the winter season is very pretty.  but i hate worrying about myself of my kids constantly slipping on ice, taking and putting on snow gear 20+ times a day, being cooped up inside, and simply freezing our booties off!  so i kind of welcome the lack of snow with open arms.  and since we've had another fairly mild winter here in the valley, my kids and i have been taking advantage of it by swinging in our favorite blue hammock and even laying out a blanket on the grass and reading some books!  it's been absolute bliss!

i've also enjoyed the things i've gotten to wear this season.  though i love to wear thick cozy sweater, knee high boots, scarves, beanies, and thick leggings,  i've found wearing those things to be quite uncomfortable for me this pregnancy.  so as i've begun to buy things from one of my favorite maternity stores, pink blush maternity, i have found my winter maternity fashion choices to be very different from anything i would normally wear when i'm not pregnant. because instead of sticking with clothes that make me feel warm and cozy, i have been going for maternity clothes and maternity dresses that are more form fitting to my baby bump, don't cause me to get over heated as i chase my kids around our house, and don't trigger any form of morning sickness.  seriously!  even wearing a scarf around my neck instantly causes me to rip it off and run for the bathroom!  my kids always think it's quite the site to behold haha!  to say the least, selecting winter maternity fashion this, has been quite the experience.  but i'm not going to complain because the weather has been bliss and i get to experience the joys of being pregnant during this holiday season.

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