Christmas is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean you still can't add some last minute festive touches to your nest.  If you're like me, I'm usually finding little decor items here and there and placing them throughout my house up until just a few days before Christmas.  Dave says i have a problem, but i just say that i have a lot of Christmas spirit.  haha.  

One thing i have always loved doing is breathing new life into older items. By no means am I a hard core DIY-er, but I do know my way around with some spray paint bottles and a hot glue gun.  So when it comes to finding and revamping truly one of a kind items, I love to shop at thrift stores, and one of my favorites is Deseret Industries, they always have a huge selection of holiday decor.

So, for this year's DIY Christmas decorations, I was on the hunt for some candle stick holders, mini wreaths, and a Christmas village.  Here's what i found...

Clearly, these items needed a little TLC so I pulled out my trusty glue gun and cans of spray paint and got to work!  

If you too are wanting some similar holiday items for your home, here's how you too can add some awesome

DIY Christmas Decorations

to your own home.

what you'll need:

* hot glue gun

* pinecones

* spray paint
i opted for a glossy white and matte black this time.

* sand paper
You will only need this for any items you purchase that may have a glossy finish to them.  You will want to sand these items down a bit so that you spray paint will hold better to your decor.

what you'll do:

DIY Candle Stick Holders:

DIY Christmas decorations

All you'll need here is some spray paint.  And of course, a large plastic garbage bag and gloves to keep the spray paint off you and wherever you are spray painting your items at.  You most likely could get away with spraying one layer of spray paint on your candle stick holders.  But I would suggest spraying one layer, wait for it dry, and then spray another just to be safe.

optional: once your candle stick holders are dry, you could sand down certain areas to give your candle stick holders a more vintage/shabby chic look.

DIY Mini Christmas Wreath:

DIY Christmas decorations

The revamp for this item is super easy.  Simply gather or purchase some pine cones, hot glue them in place and voila!  You're finished.  From there, you can place this little gem wherever you like.  I decided to incorporate mine into my table decor.

DIY Christmas Village:

DIY Christmas decorations

Upgrading this will follow the same steps as the DIY candle stick holders. Just make sure to sand down any shiny coating that could be on some of your buildings.  Once your buildings are dry, display them in a place where they can be easily seen and admired.  I put mine on a book case people can easily see when they first walk into my house and they always get a ton of compliments!

And there you have it!  three simple DIY Christmas decorations that you can put together and display well before Christmas arrives!

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