I love Christmas for many reason, but my number one reason is the giving spirit that comes with this holiday season. Of course, we should really keep the love of service in our hearts year round, but Christmas is a great place to start,  especially if you are raising small children and want service to become a natural part of who they are as a person.

I know, it can be quite the tall order to fill,  there are many days when I am completely exhausted and don't want to think about doing one more single thing.  Mostly because I already feel like I am doing enough service as it is in being a mom.  But, I have learned that when I take the time to serve those around me...neighbors, friends, extended family exhaustion melts away and I find that I have more energy and happiness than I ever did before.

Service can be a remarkable gift, for both the giver and the receiver,  which is why I really want to continually carry out some Christmas service projects that will help my children develop a natural love for helping those around them.

And since this is something that I have recently been working on incorporating into our daily family dynamic, I thought I would share with you a list of my favorite 

Christmas Service Projects for Kids

[ and of course, some resources too! ]

christmas service projects for kids

christmas service projects for kids

1) the giving manger set-this is a wonderful new product that helps families focus on giving and the true meaning of Christmas.

2) sing/deliver christmas carols.

3) visit fun service oriented websites and make a check off list of the service projects they want to do for those around them.

4) bake and give yummy christmas goodies.

5) make christmas cards.

6) distribute care packages.

7) help out at local homeless shelter and/or women and children centers.

8) shovel and salt sidewalks.

9) organize a collection drive-toys, clothing, shoes, food, etc.

10) visit the elderly.

When it comes to serving, the options are truly endless.  Which means, no matter what age your kids are, there is some way they can develop a giving heart and serve those around them.  Especially during this time of year!

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