We are officially into the first full week of December folks!  How do you feel about it?  To be totally honest, it makes me both excited and anxious.  Excited, because our house is fully decorated for Christmas.  Anxious, because i still have  A LOT of Christmas shopping to do!  How about you?  

Well, if you're still searching for some Christmas gift ideas for certain mums in your life, looking at winter fashion trends is a great place to start.  And i'm sharing one of my favorite ones today.  So look no further! 

Over the next two weeks i will actually be sharing with you some amazing companies that i have completely fallen in love with and will even be doing a GIVEAWAY with each one too!  

woot woot!

Which means that you'll have a few opportunities to either score something awesome for yourself and/or someone that you still have buy a gift for.

It's really hard to convey in writing just how exciting i am, but seriously, I'm stoked.  This will be a new yearly tradition here on mumsy and i'm already making a list of companies i want to share next year!

With that being said, let's jump right in to it!

Winter fashion trends: Eva Jo Rompers

[photos by roxana b photography]

The first favorites things company that I want to introduce to you is Eva Jo Rompers.  

One of the newer companies on the block, this company is growing very quickly and it doesn't surprise me in the least bit.  

Focusing on what they do best...rompers, this company sells an awesome range of this versatile and simply fabulous one piece attire that i could seriously live in all day!  Especially since it has become that much harder for me to find things that i'm comfortable in with this growing baby belly of mine!  It really is one of the best

Winter Fashion Trends for Women

Want one?  I thought you did!

So, visit my IG account for all the details!  The giveaway will be going live on there TODAY at 11 am MST!

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