friday is here and i can't believe it.  this week seemed to drag out longer than usual.  anyone else feel that way?  but like it is with any week, there were lots of highs and lows that made our family life now that much more fulfilled and definitely interesting!  the ones that stood out the most were...

1) drops in temps have increased the chaos that happens in my home. [i.e. birdie taking it upon herself to change bug's poopy diaper all by her self.]

2) beanie and wool hat season is finally in full swing.

3) packed up and said goodbye to all of my summer wedges and sandals.  SIGH.

4) even though halloween is over, costume wearing is still in full swing for my kids.

and like a crazy week, this weekend is crazy too.  filled with trips to Salt Lake, Birthday parties, errands, and so much more.

Happy weekend and see you all next week!

links to view instead of doing laundry:

oh christmas shoes, or christmas shoes.  how lovely are your sparkles!

eyeing this pouf.

it's all about the mauve hair.

puppies, puppies, PUPPIES!

fairy birds!  seriously, when is the next book coming out?!

pumpkin scones.  nuf said.

dreamy music video.

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