Tt's friday...yay!

And i'm super excited,  especially because Dave is back from a business trip to Seattle.  Everyone, including myself, just loves it when Dad's home!

How did your week go?  I hope well!

Here's what happened in the Petersen home this week.

Thanksgiving activities

1)The kids were crazy good while Dave was gone.  A true divine intervention!

2) Became an official featured writer over at Mom's Best Network and shared a really fun tutorial on how to make some easy and fun monster sneakers for your little one.  You can read the tutorial H E R E.

3) Went out to dinner one night to a local burger joint.  The kids were absolutely bonkers, and at one point, Birdie hit her head on the tile flooring and threw up all over me.

4) Purchased a new print for this current season of gratefulness and have been talking about it a lot with our kids at the dinner table.

5) Halloween decorations are down, Thanksgiving decorations are up and we are getting our home ready for the fast approaching winter season.

Happy weekend friends! Hope you have a glorious one!

p.s. I'm going to be doing another live segment on KUTV News THIS MONDAY.  I shared more about it in my newsletter.  I actually share a lot of juicy details there and even do a monthly giveaway.  If you haven't should! 

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