sometimes as mom's, and parents in general, we find that our families have outgrown the house we are currently living in.  but are in no position to buy a new house that can better accommodate everyone.  especially when it comes to the whole bedroom situation.  as much as i would love for each of my kids to have their own bedroom, dave and i aren't in a good financial place were we can do that just yet.  and i'm sure a lot of you other mums out there are in the same boat.  and this isn't really a problem for anyone who has two girls or two boys sharing a room.  decorating a room in those circumstances is super easy. but that isn't quite the case if you have a boy and girl sharing a room.  a situation that i am currently in.  

as of right now, birdie and gus share a room.  and for them, i went with a vintage circus themed room.  something that i will share later.  today though is about another mom out there.  local utah news anchor, holly menino.  with a 3 year old son and a daughter on the way, holly found her self in same predicament i once did.  one room, two opposite gendered kids.  so, we teamed up to come up with a fun and generic themed nursery room that would work for both of children.   surprisingly, we came up with a ton of ideas.  but the one holly liked the most was a "tiny traveler themed" room.  so i took that idea and ran with it.

knowing that holly still wanted to use a lot of the items she had from the owl themed room she had done with her son, i went with colors that complimented those and then b-lined it to my favorite budget friendly home-goods store...ikea.   gals, and guys, if you are currently decorating a room.  you should really look here first!  they just got a ton of new stuff in and it's to die for!

here's what i came up with.

B E F O R E:

A F T E R:

aside from all that, the few other things i did was incorporate some vintage globes and map, binoculars i scored at a yard sale, fabric bunting, and scrap book paper that i traded out in some frames that were already on the wall.

and there ya have it!  

come back wednesday for the golden rules i follow when decorating a mixed gender room and some other bedroom themes that i am currently drooling over.

in case you missed it...

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  1. So cute! My son has a travel themed nursery too!!

    1. Thanks so much Andi! I love this theme for a kid's bedroom.