There is something so quaint and heart warming about setting a table for a special occasion.  And thanksgiving is probably the mecca of them, because the whole holiday is devoted to sitting down with people you love and eating good food.

So why not jazz things up a bit?!  In an easy and time-conscious manner of course!  Because I know as mums, we are already super busy.  However, I think we can all spare a few minutes, or even assign our kids, to add that extra special something to our Thanksgiving holiday memories and traditions. 

And in my opinion, themed place cards can be just the thing, because there's just something about seeing an item with your name on it that really sticks in our heart and minds.  So, I've created a few simple place cards that you can print off at your local printer, cut out, and add your own special touches too.  And, i'm calling them last minute place cards, because you seriously could print these off today, tomorrow, or even the day of thanksgiving and still have people thinking you spent a lot more time on them then you really did!

So, here's how you can make your very own

Pinecone Place Card Holders

To make your place cards:

 1) Download any of these images, send them off to your local printer (most take online orders now) and tell them how many you want to a page.  

2) Specify how many you want on a page.

For mine I said that I wanted 6 per page and printed in color on standard sized white card stock.  And then of course, I asked for a few copies so that I could have enough for each person sitting at the table.

3) Cut them out and place in a cute place card holder.

This year I made mine with some simple gold wire.

Here's how I did that...

To make your gold place card holders:

1) Gather your pinecones; enough for each place setting at your table and then a few extra for table decor if you want.

My kids and I gathered ours outside on various walks,  but you could get yours at any local craft store if you want to go that route.

2) Purchase some sturdy gold wire from your local craft store.
I got mine from the craft section at Walmart.

3) Using a pair of needle nose wire cutters/pliers, cut off enough of your gold wire to wrap around the length of your pine cone, with about 5-6 extra inches to form your card holder with.  

I made sure to position my extra 5-6 inches of gold wire in the middle of each pinecone so that my place cards would be standing in the center.  But, you can place yours wherever you like.  I just tend to like things centered.

4) Wrap your wire around your pinecone.

An easy way to do this is by forming a hooked section at one end of your wire that you can use to latch around your pinecone.  This will then hold one end of your wire more easily in place while you wrap the rest of your wire around the pinecone.

5)Form the holder for your place card with your leftover 5-6 inches of wire.  Simply do this by clamping your pliers down on the end of your wire and twisting it around to form a spiral.

6)Write your guests' names on each place card and then set your card in your wire spirals. Set your place card holders on your table and you're done!

Bonus: the best part about these pinecone place card holders is that you can send them home with your guests as a memento of the wonderful holiday you spent together.

p.s. Come back tomorrow for a fun thanksgiving video that I put together with some of my favorite companies and friends.

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