what is it about the world today that makes us a mums feel like who we are and what we have to offer our children is not enough?  i don't know about you, but for me, this a feeling i have experienced frequently.  especially right now.  and, maybe some of that has to do with my pregnancy and my hormones being all over the place.  but, i don't think that is completely to blame.

now-a-days, we live in a world that has a ginormous spotlight on wealth, popularity, brand names, etc.  you know the material things.  and if we don't possess a few or all of those things, we are told that we haven't quite yet made it.  that we aren't yet "good enough".  seriously, have you ever found yourself wondering what happened to the era when you hobbies, effort, and attentiveness were enough as a mother?  i sure have!  and luckily, that belief is still there!  it's just gotten buried alive by all that other stuff society now states every mom should have to be successful.

well phewy to that! 

sure, the money, nice homes, expensive cars, and popularity are nice.  even fun.  but they are short lived.  both for us and our kids.  when it comes down to it, i believe that having 

love at home

  is what matters most.  seriously!  throw everything else out the window and just focus on loving your self and your children the best you know how.   because, at the end of the day, parenting with love is what's going to make the biggest impressions and memories.  which makes sense if you think about it. 

we were all created out of love, so why wouldn't that be the universal thing that nurtured us to flourish? 

the world is one heck of a big ol' scary place.  and neither money, fame, or possessions will help us face what lies ahead.  but, love most definitely will.  it builds us up, gives us courage, and lights up the ever pressing darkness that surrounds us.  and if you asked me, that is the greatest gift we could obtain and give as moms.

ll skirt: dainty jewells ll necklace: kay and star ll leggins: fancy frogz shop ll

so here's to love!  because it's all we really need.

note: i've gotten lots of compliments on my polka dot skirt.  as mentioned above, it's from dainty jewells.  a shop that solely focuses on selling a large collection of modest and fashionable clothing.  which i love and greatly appreciate because modestly is very important to me as a woman and a mother. to check out more items and even see a large collection of bridesmaid dresses (for those of you who are getting married soon) go H E R E


  1. absolutely LOVE these pictures and your words, friend!!! i need that outfit!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Aw! You are simply the best Sandy! Thanks so much!