guys!  i have a two year old an can hardly believe it!  as it is with all of my kids, it still feels like i just had them yesterday.  especially bug.  and that's probably because is my youngest child.  but, even though he is now two and officially a toddler, i still see him as a baby, and even call him my big baby out loud on numerous occasions!  something i know i shouldn't do, but simply can't help. to me, all of my kids will always be my babies!  anyone else feel that way?  i'm sure as moms we all do!

but, before the water works get turned on, and i start bawling over the fact that my youngest isn't technically a baby any more, lets get to the party we had for this sweet little nugget of mine.

with every party that i throw for my kids, i like them to have as much involvement that they can.  because i think they have that much more fun and appreciation for their party.  since bug is only two, i knew the most he could do was help select what kind of party he wanted.  which didn't surprise me when he excitedly said, "animal!"  haha!  this little guy of mine loves any sort of animal.  especially farm animals.  so, i decided to throw him a farm themed birthday party.  that ended up being super easy to execute and host.  

any of you have a little one out there that is also obsessed with this theme?  if so, here's what i did to keep the party fun for all of those who attended, budget friendly, and easy for me to create/host.

farm themed birthday party


as you all know, i LOVE me some picmonkey.  i create every single printable i could ever possibly need on that side because 1) it's free 2) it's easy to use.

so to create my invitations, i purchased some cute farm animal black and white silhouette clip art from etsy and then used it to create my deign.  here's what i came up with...




where we live, we are lucky enough to have a local and free farm close by called wheeler farm.  so we decided to go there because it was free, we could use the ambiance of the farm for most of the decor, and i wouldn't have to worry about coming up with any entertaining games/activities because there were hoards of animals there for the kids to see an interact with.  see, i really was serious when i said i wanted this party to be easy!  haha!


for this particular party, i again went along with my end goal of keeping everything simple and kept all of the decor and black and white with pops of red and a sprinkling of gold.  and when put all together, it turned out super cute!  for my paper goods and chalk pennant banner, i went to zurchers.  my all time favorite party supply store because i am always able to find just what i need there and save my self the hassle of having to run all over town to find what i'm looking for.  seriously, this place is a mum's best friend! 


like i said before, this party was all about simplicity.  so when it came to the food i stuck with your basics.  make your own roll sandwiches, veggie trays, apple slices and caramel dip, chips, green apple cotton candy party favors from pink beehive cotton candy, a darling custom made chocolate and maple flavored cake that was designed and baked by skye wallace at provo bakery, chocolate spiced pumpkin cupcakes (made by me), and water or old fashioned cream soda to drink.  

wanting to make things a little more exciting for kids that came to this party, i pre-made some basic brown paper sack lunches that i tied off with some red twine and labeled "Farm Feed".  then i set it out on the table once we got to the farm so our younger guests to could easily access them. 

 sheep fleece=cotton candy party favor & duck food=bread that guests could feed to the ducks.

[chocolate and maple flavored farm cake by head cake decorator skye wallace at provo bakery.  these guys can definitely create anything you dream up!  i use them for every party i through and love it!]

[pink beehive candy is simply the best.  so for your next party, make sure to check them out!  they have the best cotton candy options anyone could ever dream up!  plus, if you are a utah local, they will even come and make the cotton candy at your party!]

aside from all that, that last thing i made sure to do was have someone photograph the event.  sure, i could have done this myself.  but, i knew i would have been super stressed out with making sure i got all the right pics along with making sure everything else during the party was taken care of.  believe me, i have tried doing this in the past and it went horribly!  either causing me to go boarder line insane, or completely forget to photograph the most important things at the party.  so, it's up to you.  but i suggest either hiring someone to come take pics, or even ask a friend or family member to do it.  just make sure to tell them before hand the things you definitely want pictures of!  if you end up wanting to go the professional route, i used roxana b photography; because this gal is AMAZING!

and there you have it!  thanks to me really working hard at keeping the party simple, the day was absolutely wonderful!  i got to relax and spend time with all of the close family and friends that were there and especially focus on my sweet little bug who loved every single moment and element of his party.  including the cow and horse cake toppers!  he wouldn't let those things go once we cut into his cake!  haha!  being a mum is a hard job.  the hardest, in fact.  but i love almost ever single moment of it.  sure, i could use a little less of the tantrums, messes, and barfing episodes in my life.  but, through it all my kids make even the hardest of moments worth it.  so whenever i get the chance to celebrate them, i make sure to cease it!  

in case you missed are the party resources again.  kisses!

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