coming up with bedroom themes can be hard.  especially when you are coming up with kids' room decorating ideas.  and what makes it even harder than that is when you are set with the task of designing a room that is shared between a boy and girl! 

for many, the concept can be hard to grasp at first.  but, i promise it can be done! 

[photo by megan aleece photography]

having two boys, one girl and raising them all in a tiny two bedroom duplex at one point; i had to get creative when it came to decorating the space they shared and the minimal finances that i had.  but after some thought, i came up with a darling circus themed work that appealed to both my son, gus, and my daughter, birdie.

and just like me, you can do it too!

here's the four golden rules we should all follow when coming up with

decor ideas for a kids' room

[photo by megan aleece photography]

1) come up with a theme.  
go with something that doesn't learn more to the interests of just the boy, and likewise, just the girl.  ways you can do this:

*pick something that you notice both of your children like.

*choose a theme that is gender neutral.

*search through pinterest for anything that could peak your interest.

*stick with things that are classic and stand the test of time.

2) use what you currently have on hand. 
once you have your theme selected, start looking around your house to see what you can already use.  this will save you money and breathe new life into things that may have been collecting some dust.

3) shop at stores/sites that have lots of options.
this will help you save on precious time and energy.  there is nothing i hate more than running from place to place.  especially when i have my young kids in tow. some of my favorite places to shop are amazon, etsy, ikea, and target.

4) get your kids involved.
not only will this give you a better sense of the direction you should be going in.  but it also gives the kids more ownership of their space.

that's it!  and, to help you out a little further, here are some gender neutral bedroom themes i am currently obsessed with.

black and white


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