i'm writing to you today sick as a dog.  it has been 8 weeks since i first found out i was pregnant.  yep, pregnant.  SURPRISE! (in case you missed it, i announced it on my instagram).  though i'm still in shock that i will have 4 kids ages 5 and under by the time i turn 30, everything else with this pregnancy was honky dory.  until about 3 weeks ago when my morning sickness kicked in with a vengeance.  ever since then, i have spent my days as a continual insomniac with my stomach forever in my throat.  blah!  as much as i love the end result (a plump and adorable baby that smells just like heaven) i hate being pregnant.  it is never something that is absolutely glorious for me.  but i do it because i know my family isn't complete and i just can't say no to a new born baby.  haha.  

though i'm currently sick as a dog, i'm determined to not let this morning sickness completely cut off me and my family from the rest of the world.  so i've been trying really hard to come up with some easy family adventures that would get my family out the front door at least once a week.  sometimes we just go to the grocery store or the library.  but sometimes we make it a grand affair and go some place with a much higher coolness status.  this past week we went to our favorite local raspberry patch and it was glorious!  my morning sickness minded it's manners just long enough for me to enjoy two glorious hours of picking raspberries, gathering handfuls of flowers, sampling honey, and checking out a heard of reindeer.  gus is now 100% convinced that santa's reindeer vacation in utah.  hahaha!  

the outing was perfect.  tantrums and whining were completely non-existent; causing dave and i to seriously consider packing up our current lives and starting anew on our own raspberry farm.  maybe.  just maybe.  


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    1. Thank you so so much Andi! It was such a fun family outing! One I will never forget!