Forget the hat and broom.  As a mum on the go, the standard Halloween witch costume with its hat, broom, and possibly black cat get in the way too much with the daily life demands of wrangling minions, cooking, cleaning, errands, and refereeing.

But, it is one of my favorite go-to costumes this time of year!  so I decided to revamp this classic DIY witch costume and bring it in the modern world of motherhood; and I'm calling it the modern midnight witch costume.  Because, let's face it, most of us mums don't begin our own "witching hour" till midnight anyways.  Am I right or am I right?! 

So for this costume, I tossed out the classic black attire and broom, and traded them for sequins, glitter, ombre, and a skeleton potion bottle.  


Aside from that, you've also probably noticed that my hair and make-up are the same as what I had in my spider lady post.  I know, I KNOW!  I put any degree of fashion blogging to shame; because one should never post back to back looks with the same hair and make-up.  Or so I've heard.  But, I'm not a fashion blogger.  Haha.  I'm a real life mama just trying to make it work.  And if that means getting all of my costume pics done in one afternoon to spare me from having to drag sweet kiddos to another photo shoot and using movies, treats, and smart devices as my only arsenal for keeping them good...then so be it.  As moms, we love our kids, chase our dreams, and do all that we can.  And in my book, that's an A+ performance.  Plus my hair was H U G E and unwilling to do anything else.  Despite my best efforts.  So there you go!  haha.'s how it all came together. 

[photos by roxana b photography]

Halloween costume idea for Moms: Modern Midnight Witch
Halloween costume idea for Moms: Modern Midnight Witch

Halloween costume idea for Moms: Modern Midnight Witch

ll top: nest boutique ll watch: nest boutique ll hair, make-up, and nails: pureza spa ll


Hey Utah ladies!  One of my favorite events of the year is coming up next week...PINNERS CONF!  Have you been?  If not, you should definitely go!  Because if you do, all your wildest pinterest dreams will come true!  haha!  But seriously, everything from your favorite clothing, craft supplies, home decor, and so much more will be there.  Plus, there will be a ton of amazing classes taking place during the two day event where you can learn amazing tricks and skills from some of the best in the industry!  I'm for sure going.  nd hopefully you will be too!

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