It's hard to believe it, but today is the my very last DIY Halloween costume for kids!

U had so much fun making these costumes, and can't wait to use them year after year.  Hopefully, you liked this little serie too!  If you did, and are the costume making type, I would love to feature some of the amazing costume you mums have made or will make this next Halloween.  So, sign up for my NEWSLETTER, and stay tuned next year to find out how you can contribute!

With that being said, let's move on to my last costume.  Again, I made this one with my oldest son, Gus, in mind.  Along with monsters, he loves any living creature that is scary.  And sharks are one of them.  So a shark costume it is!

Out of all of the costumes I made, this one took me the full 30 minutes. But it was still a ton of fun to make! 

[photos by roxana b photography]

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: Shark

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: Shark

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: Shark

So here's how you too can make your very own

DIY Shark Costume


1-1+1/2 yards of blue felt

1 piece of red felt

1 piece of black felt

2 pieces of white felt



fabric marker

hot glue

gray t-shirt


shark head

1) On your blue felt, trace and cut out your shark head.
(note: you can really draw your shark head however you want, but I wanted my shark costume to look like the shark was jumping out of the water when it catches its prey.  So, to achieve this, I drew mine in a long, half oval shape).

2) On one piece of white felt trace out the underside of the shark's head.  Again, I did mine in a half oval like shape to match the shark's head.

On the second piece of white felt, cut out your teeth.

3) With your red piece of felt, trace and cut out your mouth.  I did mine in a large, crescent-like shape.

4) On your black piece of felt, trace and cut out two eyes. 

5) Assemble and hot glue your shark head on the front of your shirt and you are done with this phase of the costume!

Dorsal Fin

1) Now it's time to form your 3-D dorsal fin.  First, trace and cut out two dorsal fins from your blue felt and set aside.  now, with your cardboard, you are going to trace and cut out the same dorsal fin shape that you did with the blue felt, but will make sure to draw it a few inches smaller, because this cardboard piece will go in between your two felt pieces to help give it the 3-D effect.  

Once you've done that, you will then cut out two rectangular strips of cardboard that are about 4 inches tall and 1/2-1 inch wide. (note: these measurements will of course vary depending on how big you made your dorsal fin.  just make sure that whatever the size of your dorsal fin may be these two cardboard strips are big enough to help support your 3-D dorsal fin and keep it erect.)

2)Hot glue your rectangular cardboard strips to your cardboard dorsal fin.  you will do this by placing one one side of the bottom part of the fin and making sure to only glue the upper half of each strip on to the fin.  with the remaining half of each cardboard strip that is hanging off of the fin, you fold that out at a 90 degree angle.  when it comes time for you to attach your fin to your shirt, this part of each strip will be hot glued to your shirt and will act as an anchor to help keep your fin erect.

3) Place your cardboard dorsal fin in between your two blue felt dorsal fins.
(note: make sure to place your cardboard piece toward the top because you will need about 2 inches of the blue felt at the bottom to cover your cardboard support strips that you have folded out at a 90 degree angle.)

4)Attach your dorsal fin in the center of the back side of your shirt by hot gluing the base of your felt dorsal fin and cardboard support strips to the shirt.  Let rest over night, and you're done!

Phew!  I know it all seems a little extensive.  But once you start making it you'll see how easy it really is!

And there you go!  hope you enjoyed these costumes as much as i did making them!

Up next, fun Halloween costume ideas us mums can rock on Halloween.  See you tomorrow.

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