hey mums!  so sorry for the delay in getting this diy halloween costume to you!  as many of you already know, i am currently pregnant with my 4th child and my morning sickness with this little kumquat comes and goes in immense waves.  a few days will go by and i am completely fine.  and the, W H A M! i am nearly bed ridden with nausea for a few days.  it's horrible and extremely frustrating because i am so used to always being on the go.  and though that is a lifestyle i generally prefer, since this most recent pregnancy, i have learned to see the beauty in just simply being.  

so, as you've probably guessed by now, a huge wave of morning sickness hit me this past thursday and i'm finally feeling well enough to peel myself from the couch and do this newest diy post while my kids are napping.  and can i just say...THANK GOODNESS FOR NAPS!  it is one of the things i have continued to be blessed with as a mom and i am so so grateful!

[photos by roxana b photography]

now, on to the costume!

do any of you have little boys [or girls] obsessed with monsters?  i sure do!  my sweet 5 year old, gus, has been obsessed with monsters and dressing up as them for the past two year.  so, i thought a many eyed diy monster costume would be perfect!  and, it was.  he asks to wear this costume ALL the time now!

here's how you too can many your very own

creepy monster costume


long sleeved t-shirt

1 piece of white felt

1 piece of red felt

black fabric marker


hot glue gun

monster horns (i got mine from the dollar aisle at target)


1) trace and cut out 8 (or however many you want) eyes in your white felt. (i used a Tablespoon measuring spoon to trace mine.  if you can't tell, i'm all about using what you have on hand.  haha.)

2) draw and color in black pupils on each of your felt eyes.

3) trace and cut out a large rectangle on your red felt.  this will be the base for your mouth.

4) cut out small triangles in your white felt for your monster teeth.  however many you cut out is up to you.  gus wanted his monster costume to be "really creepy" so we cut out enough to fill the entire mouth.  of course, gus LOVED it!

5) hot glue everything in place and you're done!

Easy Peasy!

i still can't believe that halloween is this saturday!  agh!  i still have one more diy children's costume to share and then some fun looks us mums can wear on halloween with out feeling like we can hardly maneuver ourselves and our children in between all of the holiday festivities.  so stay tuned!  tomorrow i will be sharing my diy shark costume and i think you and your little ones are going to love it!

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