My family loves Halloween.  especially my kids.  It's something I like to believe I passed on to each of them in utero.  And, as you've probably guessed, one of our favorite parts about this holiday is dressing up.  So, over the next week and a half, I thought I would share some fun and EASY (something all us moms like) DIY children's Halloween costumes that can be made on the fly-seriously, each one took me no longer than 30 minutes to make!- out of every day craft supplies and basic clothing.

I have three kids.  Two boys- Gus (5) and Bug (2) and 1 girl-Birdie (3).  So, I thought it would be fun to share some costumes that would appeal to each gender and age ranges.  First up, is the gumball costume I made with my daughter in mind.  I was a little nervous at first with how it would turn out because it's a little outside of the box.  But in the end, I think it turned out really cute! 

[all photos by the incredibly talented roxana b photography]

easy children's halloween costumes: gumball machine

here's what you need for your own

DIY Gumball Machine Halloween Costume


white shirt

red leggings

piece of card board

fabric paint (these can be bought at Walmart or any local craft store.  I bought mine in the primary colors red, yellow, and blue, and then just mixed them together to get the other colors I wanted.)

circular foam paint brush (can be bought in a pack at Walmart)

giant red hair bow

bag of gumballs (optional)


1. grab a paper plate and place each color of paint on it.

2. place your t-shirt on a flat working surface and then place your piece of cardboard in between the layers of your t-shirt.

3. dip your circular foam paint brush into one of your paint colors and then press your paint brush sporadically over the lower half of your t-shirt.  Do this with each color that you are using until you get the desired gumball look that you want on your shirt. 

4. once finished place your shirt in a safe place to completely dry.

5. when ready to wear, pair the gumball shirt with your red leggings (these will represent the stand of the gumball machine) and place the big red bow in your child's hair (this will represent the red metal cap found at the top of a gumball machine).

optional: fill a clear party favor bag with some actual gumball candy for your child to use as a prop with their costume.  you could also even make a large sized quarter out of some poster board if you were feeling a little more ambitious!

And there you have it!  A fun and simple gumball machine costume that could even be worn well after Halloween is over!

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