If you read my post yesterday, Bug is all things Mickey Mouse right now, which means Mickey Mouse has currently been on my brain too.  24/7.  

So, being one who loves some good ol' nostalgia, I decided a Mickey Mouse fan club member (aka Mouseketeer) costume would be a great DIY costume that any of us moms could make.  And, out of all the costumes I made this year, this one was by far the easiest; taking me only 15 minutes to make!  

If you find yourself short on time, resources, or energy right now, then this Mickey Mouse Halloween costume is perfect for you and your little one!  

[photography by roxana b photography]

DIY Halloween Costume ideas for children: Mickey Mouse

DIY Halloween Costume ideas for children: Mickey Mouse

So here's the details on how to make your very own

Mickey Mouse Fan Club Member Halloween Costume


white sleeve t-shirt

iron on letter m (you can buy a complete alphabet iron on set at Walmart or most local craft stores)

black beanie

1 piece of black felt

mickey mouse balloon


1) iron your letter m on the top left side of your white shirt.

2) make your mickey mouse hat.  You will do this by...

a- cutting out four large circles in your black felt.  These are going to make up the ears for your Mickey Mouse Halloween costume.

b- pairing your four circles up and hot gluing them together.  Now you will just have two sturdy circular felt ears.

c-hot glueing your ears onto the front of your black beanie, making sure to evenly space them apart. 

3) pair your shirt and hat with a pair of jeans, give your kid the mickey mouse balloon to hold (alternative: you could do a Mickey Mouse doll/toy too.) and you're done!  

See, I told you it would be easy!

Come back tomorrow to snag the tutorial on how to make a super cute party pooper Halloween costume.

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