"m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e!" is the current chant and song we are singing in our house these days.  And I'm sure it's that way for any of you out there that currently have a two year old running around your house!  Bug loves this famous mouse so much, that when i asked him what he wanted to be he yelled out "icky ouse!" (how he currently says Mickey Mouse) without skipping a beat.  haha!  

This little guy of mine is just so cute, that I couldn't deny him this request.  Plus, a DIY Mickey Mouse costume is soooo easy to make that I was more than happy to try creating it!

[photography by roxana b photography]

easy children's halloween costumes: mickey mouse

easy children's halloween costumes: mickey mouse
Again, i used just basic clothing and craft items that most of you also have in your own homes (or that can easily be purchased at places such as Walmart or Target),  which makes it a cinch to create!

Here's what you do to create your very own

Mickey Mouse Halloween Costume


long sleeved black t-shirt

pair of red shorts

black leggings or black tights (I used a pair of birdie's black tights-luckily Bug is young enough that he didn't know or care.  Haha!)

basic black beanie (I got mine at walmart)

1 sheet of black felt

1 sheet of white felt

hot glue gun



1) cut out two white circles in your white felt that are about the size of large button.  These are going to be the white buttons for your red shorts.

2) hot glue your white circles onto the front of your red shorts, evenly spacing them apart from each other.

3) cut out four large circles in your black felt.  These are going to make up the ears for your Mickey Mouse Halloween costume.

4) pair your four circles up and hot glue them together.  Now you will just have two sturdy circular felt ears.

5) hot glue your ears onto the front of your black beanie, making sure to evenly space them apart. 

6) cut out a long, skinny tail from your black felt and hot glue on to the back of your red shorts.

Put the whole look together and voila!  You're done!

Since Mickey Mouse is such a big deal in our house right now, come back tomorrow to see another fun Mickey related costume that I created.

Here's to a beautiful day with minimal tantrums, messes, and poopy diapers!

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